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Could children catch the black death?

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It was a disease passed on by person to person contact & fleas, EVERYONE could get it.

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Why was the change of black death important?

it was important because the black death could risk a life of someone if they catch it.

How did people in medieval Britain think you could catch the black death?

By eating carrots

How did the Black Death effect children in Europe?

lots of children died from the black death

How did humans catch the black death?

It was a disease passed on by contact with people who were infected & fleas, EVERYONE could get it.

Who was the first ever person to catch the black death?

We will never know who was the first person to catch the Black Death. It is thought that it was a sailor from Turkey.

Could an animal get the black death?

Yes, an animal could get the black death, many animals did get the black death.

Where did the rats catch the Black Death?


How do you catch the Black Death?

From other people!

Where will you catch the black death today?

in the philipians

Could the wife of the lord catch the black death?

It was a disease passed on by contact & fleas, not a social function, of course, the Mistress of the Manor could get it, EVERYONE could get it.

Who was w affected by the black death children or parents?

sorry i meant who was worst affected by the black death adults or children ?

How were children affected by the plague?

many children were killed due to Black Death. Children were very likely to pick Black Death and show symptoms.

Where can you catch the black death today?

you cant really cant something as harmful and leeful as the black death today.

How did people catch the Black Death back in the Middle agas?

People caught Black Death by the fleas transferring the virus to humans.

Black death what could get infected?

Black Death was a Plague. Humans, animal especially rats could get infected.

How did some people try not to catch the black death?

Some people tried not to catch the black death by staying home and away from other humans. The Pope at the time of the black death spent hours sitting down between two hot fires trying to scare away the "evil spirits" that gave people the black death.

Was it easy to catch the black death?

yes cause if you coughed on somebody and you had it then they will have it

How do you catch Black death?

The Black Death, also known as the bubonic plague, is known to spread quickly. It can be spread through insects and rodents.

How did the black death effect children?

Well the children are prone to the disease when they get the dis

Who was the first to die from the black death?

Elderly and children,

Where the people afraid of the black death?

yes because it could kill them if they did not get treatment for the black death

Could children get the black death?

Yes, children were just as susceptible or possibly even more susceptible to the Black Death than the adult population. The Black Death, now known to be caused by Yersinia pestis, a bacteria carried by rat fleas, was devastating to Europe as it had not previously been found in Europe. It was likely brought to Europe on trading ships from the Middle East or Africa.

What would happen to you if you catch the illness of black death?

Basically, you would die.

Who was most likely to catch the black-death?

the merchants and the sailor because they were traveling around allot outside.

Did any doctors catch the plague?

It was easy for doctors to catch the plague (Black death) because they were the ones treating the patient.