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Q: Could dying your hair cause dandruff?
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Related questions

Why is dandruff bad for your hair?

Dandruff are the dead skin cells that shed from off of the scalp. It is not bad for your hair, but it does cause itching and flakes in the hair.

Can dandruff be the cause of hair loss?

No, but it is a side effect of a dry scalp, and THAT is a cause of hair loss.

Do hairloss from dandruff get replaced naturally?

Dandruff does not cause any type of hair loss in people.

How long should I wait to be able to wash my hair after dying it?

I washed my hair about a day and a half after dying the salon i got it done. i took a bath to test my hair and just the dye from my scalp came off. you could tell from the bath water. but yea so wait a day or two to wash your hair. and if you have dandruff the dandruff comes out what ever color you died your hair. it didnt happen to me but it was funny.

Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Yes because dandruff leaves your scalp dry and this leads to hairfall from the roots

Can shampoo cause you to have dangruf?

No. Washing your hair infrequently can cause Sebhorreic Dermatitis or dandruff.

Does washing your hair to much cause dandruff?

Nope. The opposite is true, Washing your hair will get rid of the dandruff while not washing it will cause irritation and give you dandruff. However if you dont wash your hair for like months then the natural oils in your hair will go to a balanced state and you wont have dandruff and your hair will go really nice. But to achieve this takes months of uncomfortable dandruff hair. To avoid dandruff wash it about every three days. If you wash it too often then the shampoo will strip your hair of the natural oils so dont wash it everyday.

Does dandruff and dirt make your hair grow faster?

It is unlikely that dirt helps your hair grow faster as it damages your hair and cause it to fail out. Dandruff has not effect on hair per se, but can cause intense itching which can pull out hair when you physically attack the itch. So the answer is no, it doesn't. ---- No

What could be wrong if you have itchy scalp and loss of hair?

It could very well be dandruff.

Can people with oily hair get dandruff?

yes, people with all kinds of hair will get dandruff

Does dying your hair cause grey hairs?

No it doesn't cause gray hairs.

What does it mean when you have dandruff in your hair?

When you have dandruff in your hair all it means is you have a dry scalp and the skin is simply peeling.

How does dandruff grow?

Use hair oil regularly to prevent dandruff

Is dying hair blonde after bleaching good?

Dying your hair is never good because of all the chemicals .... but bleaching is worse than dying the hair . it wont cause much more damage .

Does Listerine remove dandruff?

why put mouthwash in your hair when you could buy a product for the same price?

Why hair has a dandruff?

Dandruff is caused by tiny flakes of dead human skin.

Why do you run your fingers threw your hair to feel for dandruff?

because if there is dandruff, it will shake it out.

Does dandruff helps your hair grow?


Is it dangerous to use dandruff shampoo on daily basis?

No, it's just not good to shampoo everyday. Shampoo your hair every couple days, not every day, you will strip it of its natural oils. Dandruff shampoo is safe to use when you shampoo, I have dandruff too. But you should only wash your hair daily with an anti dandruff shampoo that is designed for frequent use. Make sure that your shampoo can be used frequently otherwise it could cause problems.

How does dandruff help your hair?

The dandruff and oil actually help our hair by protecting it from bacteria and chemicals. When we wash our hair everyday, it kills the dandruff and washes away the oil. Leaving our hair vulnerable. So you should wash your hair once a week. So your hair can be healthy.

How do you know if white dots in your hair is dandruff or knits?

knits are usually easier to see than dandruff when your hair is parted

How do you say dandruff free hair in french?

Dandruff-free hair translates as 'des cheveux sans pellicules' in French.

What happens if you do not thoroughly wash shampoo out of your hair?

There will be a buildup of it when you dry your hair, this could make it hard and/ or you could end up having white bits in your hair, a bit like dandruff.

Does the hair on the head of people with dandruff grow slower than the hair of people without dandruff?

Dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) is a completely separate condition to hair loss. (Hair grows out from follicles "beneath" the scalp surface.) Cell loss due to dandruff can actually increase the rate of scalp cell growth, but not hair growth.

How do you get rid of dandruff in one day?

Getting rid of dandruff in one day is impossible. Dandruff is a condition that takes time to heal. Scrubbing your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo could help you cure it in about a week, and if that doesn't work you'll have to see a dermotologist.