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Yes. Go to auto zone and have the codes read for free. And change the fuel filter.

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Q: Could getting bad gas when you fill up cause the check engine light to come on and cause you to lose acceleration?
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What causes engine hesitation on acceleration in a 1996 dodge Dakota?

It is important to have a well working car while on the road. The lack of fuel getting to the engine would cause hesitation on acceleration,

What would make a 2000 KIA Sportage spit and sputter on acceleration?

There could be a few causes for a car to spit and sputter on acceleration. One common cause would be the engine not getting enough fuel, so it could be a problem in the fuel line, fuel filter, or fuel pump.

What would cause acceleration hesitation on a 1995 Chevy corcica with a 3.1L engine and 130k miles?

Could be timing belt/chain is worn

What would cause my 2001 Chevrolet Blazer to lose power under acceleration?

Fuel pump could be possibly getting weak. Happened to my blazer.

What would cause engine to buck during acceleration on a 1999 dodge durango 5.9 L?

Putting in bad fuel can cause theÊengine to buck during acceleration on a 1999 Dodge Durango. There could also be a problem with the fuel filter or dirty spark plugs.

Can service light cause uneven idling?

No, but something that could cause uneven idle could cause the check engine light to turn on.No, but something that could cause uneven idle could cause the check engine light to turn on.

What could cause a car to hesitate and shudder on acceleration?

Could be, time for a tune up.

Would a faulty gas cap cause rough idle check engine light on and ticking on acceleration?

A faulty gas cap could cause the check engine light to come on but it would not cause a rough idle or engine noises. Start with having your local auto parts store read the codes. The codes will help determine why the check engine light is on.

What would cause a gas pedal to lose acceleration after starting the car?

It could be your MAF sensor. Mass air flow sensor that measures the air going into the intake. This could likely cause sluggish acceleration.

Does antifreeze getting on your engine belts cause them to wear out faster or cause any problems to the engine?

no Yes, it can cause the belt to squeak and slip.

What would cause a diesel engine to bog down during acceleration?


Are there sensors that would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to not start?

Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.

What would cause a car to rev high but have little acceleration when taking off?

The most common cause of a engine revving up above losing acceleration is a transmission problem. The transmission may be low on transmission fluid

Does negative acceleration have constant acceleration?

Not necessarily so. Negative (deceleration) could be growing or decreasing in magnitude. The cause is going to be the Force that is acting on the system. If the Force is increasing, the acceleration will be also.

What cause an engine to idle high?

A vacuum leak could cause that.

Will a bad head gasket repair cause loss of power on a 2002 Subaru?

If an engine was not assembled properly it could cause a low power complaint.If an engine was not assembled properly it could cause a low power complaint.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located in a 2003 Hyundai santa fe 2.7L?

2003 santa fe 2.7 what could cause The engine whilein park the idle is smooth when in gear engine has intermttent miss & hesitates on acceleration with minor backfire

What could cause a thumping noise in a ford focus on acceleration?

A busted motor mount, for one.

Your rad hose blew a hole replaced it but now im still getting smoke from the engine on the right sidewhat could be the cause of this?

Either another blown hose, or blown radiator. It could also be the antifreeze burning off of the engine.

Will a vacuum leak cause the check engine light to come on?

It could.It could.

Why the engine check light is on and what is the code?

code 26/quad driver module fault. I have a vibration when I acceleration at times. What is the cause? I have a 1990 oldsmobile cutlass cierra, 3.3 liter V6 engine. The engine light comes on and off. what is the possible cause?

What could cause Subaru Outback acceleration problems?

Lots of things. You have not given enough information to answer the question. First please describe what you mean by "acceleration problems".

What causes bucking during acceleration?

Bucking during acceleration can be caused by a low fuel level. When the car is running on fumes, it is not getting a constant supply of gas which will cause it to stop and go.

Why Does your 1996 Dodge Intrepid Runs Rough When Driven Over 40mph?

There could be many causes to this problem. A few things that could cause it would be, the fuel is not getting to the engine, meaning a problem with the fuel system (injectors, pump or filter), there is not enough electricity getting through the engine, or an o2 sensor going out.

What causesm 98 Toyota Camry to stall during acceleration?

A bad fuel line can cause a 98 Toyota Camry to stall during acceleration. This happens when the line can not get proper fuel to the engine.