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ADHD is a genetic trait that is present at birth. It is the way a person's brain is wired. It allows people to think quickly, learn by doing, excel under pressure.

In adults with lack of REM sleep, often a Sleep Study will reveal various degrees of sleep apnea. People with this affliction may stop breathing as often as every 45-seconds, through the night. Thus, they awaken feeling drained, fatigued, and often with a dull headache from oxygen deprivation.

Sleep dysfunction should be addressed by a medical professional, since sleep apnea can increase incident of heart attack and stroke.

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Why does the human voice sound different after waking up from sleep?

It could be due to mouth-breathing at night which drys your throat and may affect your vocal cords.

Can your diet affect your sleep?

yeah it could you may get hungry at night

Is breathing in carbon dioxide from plants at night bad for you?

No,I dont tink that it's bad,because what is another way we could breathe in and breath out

How do plants breathing differ in the day and night?

how does a plants breath in night timer how does a plants breath in night timer

How does the earth's orbit affect day and night?

The Earth's orbit does not significantly affect day and night, but it does affect the seasons. The things that affect day and night are the rotation of the Earth and the tilt of the Earth.

What do you do if you are having dreams about a girl at night How can you stop them?

You cannot control your dreams, if it becomes intolerable you could try hypnosis.

The affect of day and night are caused by what?

the affect of day and night is caused by the sun shining on different parts of the world while the others are in the night

Night bowel movement?

Having diarrhea at night.

Does wearing a bra at night affect your breast size?

Yes, wearing a bra at night does affect your breast size. It will prevent your breasts from growing larger at night.

What is the meaning of punk-rocked the night away?

To rock the night away means to dance all night. I have never heard of punk-rocking, but it would probably be dancing all night to punk rock music.Of course, since the original meaning of "rock and roll" meant having sex, it could also mean having sex ...

What do need to clarify?

"having great night by having sex "

Does night affect a baseball game?

if the lights are to bright and there is a pop up or if the lights arrant bright enough it could effect the game

Is breathing something that will happen if you think about it?

Yes, if you think about breathing, you can control it - but it's usually an involuntary thing like your heart beat. Your brain just naturally keeps you breathing in and out all day and night.

Does alcohol affect everyone the same way?

no alcohol does not affect all people in the same way. if you are taking medication, and assuming you are drinking with the medication it would very unprodictable what you were about to do next?? but for others you could just be having a fun night with friends, a social get together or even a life style you choose to live? it can afffect everyone in diffrent ways.

Why does German Shepard breathes hard during the night?

This could be anything from normal for your dog to a sign of breathing issues. If it has recently developed, you may want to take your dog to a veterinarian for an examination.

What are some good ideas for a night in with a girl?

Before having the night in find out what her favourite things are, Like what movie she likes, what popcorn she likes etc. and you could have a great time in. Watching a movie.

What percentage of the earth is having day or night at any time?

at any given time, 50% of the earth is having day time while 50% of the earth is having night

What could a hard bony lump on my left collarbone be that causes trouble breathing at night?

This could be a bone spur or a calcium deposit. These are nothing to worry about unless it is causing problems with everyday living. Since this is obstructing your breathing when you lay a certain way at night, I consider this to be a serious issue. Please see your personal physician as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. Without an X-Ray or other radiography, it will be impossible for anyone to diagnose on WikiAnswers. See your personal doctor.

Why does a fox bark at night?

It is cold in night so call for having sex

How did night vision goggles affect mankind?

Night vision goggles affect mankind as they have made intelligence efforts better as enemy combats were visible during the night hours providing an advantage.

How does earth's rotation affect day and night?

Earth's rotation is the cause of day and night.

What is the duration of This Could Be the Night film?

The duration of This Could Be the Night - film - is 1.73 hours.

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