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Yes. In this way. Credit reporting agencies look at the total ability you have to borrow. If you have ten credit cards and have the ability to charge 75,000 tomorrow it could hurt you. If you have low debt on your credit cards [ keep them with no more than 30% of the amount you can borrow on each card ] Then it will probably not hurt you at all. I know people with large lines of credit that use them for business etc and pay it down right away and have great credit. If in other words you have a lot of debt as a percentage of your ability to put yourself in more debt it could hurt. It depends on your past credit history etc. As a side not I had a customer who was in chapter 13 for the past two years and his lowest score was 780???

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Q: Could having a home equity line of credit possibly hurt your credit bureau beacon score even if you don't use it?
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Could having an Equity Line of Credit possibly hurt your Credit Bureau Beacon score?

Definitely, your credit score isn

What is the best way to repay a home equity line of credit?

As fast as you possibly can.

Why equity account have a credit balance?

Because equity is an income - therefore it is a credit, not a debit.

What happens when paying off an equity line of credit?

Nothing happens when you pay of an equity line of credit. The equity that you used for your line of credit is now safe.

What is equity line of credit?

An equity line of credit is issued based on the amount of equity you have in your home. If you have a $100,000 house and owe $75,000 then you would have $25,000 in equity.

Why would someone need an equity line of credit?

Equity line of credit is typically used in reference to a home loan. The amount of money paid into your home is your equity. With a home equity line of credit, it acts like a credit card. One may need it if they can not qualify for a credit card, or a higher credit limit on their cards.

What is the home equity loan and line of credit?

The home equity loan is a way to release the equity of your home in order to borrow money. A line of credit is a phrase used for a method of obtaining credit.

What is Citizens Equity First Credit Union's population?

Citizens Equity First Credit Union's population is 20,101,231.

What is the population of Citizens Equity First Credit Union?

Citizens Equity First Credit Union's population is 782.

When was Citizens Equity First Credit Union created?

Citizens Equity First Credit Union was created in 1937.

Where can one find an equity loan for bad credit?

One can find an equity loan for bad credit in a wide variety of places. An equity loan for bad credit can be attained at a local bank or visiting sites such as Alpine Credit.

Home Equity Lines of Credit?

In addition to home equity loans, it is now possible to obtain home equity lines of credit that allow you to borrow only the amount you need at any given time, even though you have access to an amount similar to that of a home equity loan. A home equity line of credit is similar to a credit card in terms of how it is used, except that the credit limit is backed by and based upon the equity value of your home. It is even possible to apply for a home equity line of credit from online lenders.

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