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Could having nausea and every time you eat something you burp it up and have a foul taste afterwards be a sign of pregnancy a week before your period is due?


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2015-07-15 20:57:47
2015-07-15 20:57:47

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Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of a upset tummy. Its difficult to say. Do a test next week if your period doesnt arrive.


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Tampons have no bearing on pregnancy. They're not contraceptives. Putting on a condom before have sex or using some other barrier method before having sex works. Putting something in afterwards doesn't.

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yes, if you were having them before the procedure, you will have them afterwards.

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Not a typical one. More likely is it something else than pregnancy. If you are unsure take a test.

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You may think you are having early pregnancy symptoms but there is no way to verify before your period is due, do to insufficient hCG levels.

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