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Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of a upset tummy. Its difficult to say. Do a test next week if your period doesnt arrive.

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Q: Could having nausea and every time you eat something you burp it up and have a foul taste afterwards be a sign of pregnancy a week before your period is due?
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If you put a tampon in after having can yo still get pregnant?

Tampons have no bearing on pregnancy. They're not contraceptives. Putting on a condom before have sex or using some other barrier method before having sex works. Putting something in afterwards doesn't.

How can you still get a menstrual cycle after tubuligation?

yes, if you were having them before the procedure, you will have them afterwards.

Is having diarrhoea a symptom for pregnancy?

Not a typical one. More likely is it something else than pregnancy. If you are unsure take a test.

Does having a baby effect a persons legal emancipation age?

No it does not. You are however in a way medically emancipated when pregnant and afterwards. So you decide over the pregnancy and your body.

Can you find your pregnancy symptoms before your period?

You may think you are having early pregnancy symptoms but there is no way to verify before your period is due, do to insufficient hCG levels.

Does pregnancy symptoms come quicker in 2nd pregnancy?

Not always, each pregnancy is different. Having experienced pregnancy before, you might notice symptoms sooner because you might know what to look for.

Can having unprotected sexual intercourse two days before your period cause pregnancy?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period.

Research paper about risk in teenage pregnancy?

A research paper written about risks in teenage pregnancy can give teens something to think about before having sex. There are many risks one may not really be aware of and such a paper could touch on all those.

Can you have a light period at the beginning of the pregnancy if you are only thirteen?

Yes, you can. You can have periods a short while into a pregnancy. It's rare, but it's possible. A pregnancy test is probably in order. Afterwards, not having sex till you're a bit older and ready to deal with the consequences might be in order as well.

Does premenstrual breast tenderness can lead to pregnancy?

Having tender brests doesn't get you pregnant. Having sex is what gets you pregnant. Tender breasts can be a sign of pregnancy, but not one that can be trusted. If you suspect something, get tested for real.

Is it something to be worried about if you are still having something like a period during your pregnancy?

you really need to call your doctor right away. That is not normal and could be serious.

Can you get married in Florida as a minor without a consent from a parent if you have had an abortion or miscarriage?

No. Pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage or having the baby will not give you any more rights then you had before the pregnancy apart from the right what to do regarding your pregnancy/child.

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