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Anything is possible. You need to see your doctor if you have any bleeding during pregnancy.

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Q: Could it be a miscarriage if you spot a week after your normal period?
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Could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period i had blood spot for about five days?

could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period had blood spot for about five days?

Is bleeding a sign of miscarriage?

It can be a sign of a miscarriage or it can just be "normal" bleeding. If you are bleeding, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. With a miscarriage the bleeding is usually "chunky" and you have cramps, but not always. It could be a sign of miscarriage if its heavy bleeding like a period i had a miscarriage 2 months ago and mine started out with mild cramps then i started to sopt brown and then i was bleeding like a normal period and a few hours later the cramps got really bad talk to your doctor about this. Dont worry to much over it some women do spot when they are pregnant. Good Luck!

Is it normal to spot bleed as much as a period when you are pregnant?

NO! Consult with your doctor. Some slight bleeding or spotting is normal at the very beginning of pregnany, in the first trimester. But this could also mean something is seriously wrong. The placenta could be coming away from the wall of your uterus, you could be having a miscarriage. Call your doctor or get to a hospital right away if you're bleeding that much. It is normal to spot. If you are bleeding as much as a period, you should call your doctor or midwife right away to make sure it is nothing serious.

How can you tell if you had an miscarriage?

You can tell your having a Miscarriage by spotting/bleeding. i had a a miscarriage on the 24 of Sept and it started out by just spotting than when i went to the hospital it got worse!! BUT in some pregnancies people spot so if you spot just go to the doctor to check it out! Some people dont even know they had a miscarriage if it happend early, like it could have happened the time your period was saposed to come! you coulda mistaked it as a period!

Could brown blood mean a miscarriage?

Yes, I had a miscarriage and right before I had started to spot brownish tinted blood.

Is it normal to spot a day before your period?

It is normal to spot a day before your period and also after your period. However, if spotting starts way too early, you might need to see a doctor.

I am almost two weeks pregnant and i think i started my periodis that a miscarriage?

Not necessarily. It is not uncommon to "spot" a little, especially that early in the pregnancy. If you continue to bleed in amounts similar to your normal menses it could be indicative of a miscarriage. Consult your OBGYN MD or midwife.

Is it normal to spot a week and a half after your last period if your on bc?

No this isn't normal.

Is it normal to spot a few days after period?


Is it normal to spot a week before your period or is this a sign of pregnancy?

It is not a sign of pregnancy and it is not normal.

Do you cramp when you spot?

Cramping when you spot before or after your period is perfectly normal but it doesn't happen to every female. If you cramp when you spot you could try placing a hot water bottle against your stomach and rest for a while.

Is it normal to have a spot after sex a week before period?


Is it normal to start your period 4 days late then spot a week to a week and a half after your period if your on birth control?

No this isn't normal.

Can you be pregnant and starte your period a week early and spotted pink and brown then your period get heavier?

You can spot during a pregnancy but if you start bleeding heavily it can be a sign of a miscarriage.

Is it normal to just spot in place of your period after starting the pill?

Is it normal to get a erection from Margret fatcher. No.

Is it normal to have a spot of blood during your period?

It would be unusual if didn't have a lot more than a spot.

Is it normal to spot for a few days a week before your period?

Yes, it is very normal and to feel out of sorts is also normal.

Is it normal to still have a period or to even spot blood during early pregnancy?

yes it is normal no but it is possible

Is it normal for a female to spot two days before her period?

Yes it is normal it just shows you to be prepared to get your period it's just like a warning

Is there a possibity that you could be pregnant if you spotted a coupel of days before your normal period starts?

If you got your normal period, then the chances of you being pregnant are very low. The spotting is probably just because you were ovulating (releasing an egg) which happens before your period. Many women spot then

Is it normal to spot brown blood for 1wk and a half after period 3wks ago?


Is it normal to have an abbreviated period right when you begin taking the pill and is it normal to spot every once in a while?


If your period lasts only 2 days?

You should rephrase your question because it is difficult to understand. But if your asking if it's normal or possible to have a period for two days, then yes. You could "spot" (especially around the time of your period) or just have an irregular period.

Is spotting after a normal period normal the spotting has lasted about 7 days. I had unprotected sex. Could this mean pregnancy?

I would say not normal. As a matter of fact, when implantation occurs, about 7-10 days after conception, you may spot.

Is it normal to spot for a little more than a week after finishing your period?

No this isn't normal and can be a symptom of a hormonal imbalance or pregnancy.

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