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Crank position sensor....back of motor in a tight spot , under intake towards the drivers side and to the left of oil filter....

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What happens when your transmission starts smoking?

What happens after a transmission starts smoking, depends on what causes it to smoke. It could run for awhile, and just need new seals, or it could seize up and die.

What causes a crank position sensor to fail?

Overheating from the engine wears down the sensor and will go out when it gets to hot , after awhile it could be completely degraded to where it wont work anymore

Your 2000 Plymouth starts but doesnt drive what could be the problem?

Try Putting It Into Gear!!!!!

Your car cranks sometimes starts sometines doesnt could this be a transmission problem?

Not likely

Why doesnt my 1994 mustang temp gauge work?

The problem could be a dirty sensor or the sender is no good.

Your car starts right away when cold but when its warm it sometimes doesnt start and when it does you need to give it gas what is causing this problem?

I dont know what kind of car u are talking about,but it souns like it could be the coolant temp sensor.

What is a word that starts with e and related to reading?

a word that starts with e and is related to reading could be education because u get an education sorry if that doesnt help

Your 1997 Pathfinder starts easily but when you accelerate it stalls?

It could have something to do with your oxygen/air flow sensor

Could eating a lot healthier foods make you more gassy and could the gas smell worse?

If you all of a sudden starts to eat more vegetables and fibers, yes, it can be like that but it changes after awhile.

What could be the problem when Mitsubishi Grandis 1998 starts for a moment and dies almost immediately and will not run?

Change the cam sensor

Why do when your car sit it starts right up and after it runs for awhile it wont start like the starter is bad or something?

"hot start" issue. Could be the solenoid, or starter itself.

What if your 89 iroc starts when cold but when it warms up all it does is crank you have plenty of fuel and spark what sensor could it be?

Does it have enough compression?

If your period starts a day early and was a little lighter than usual could you be pregnant?

no, you should worry when it doesnt start at all, though.

1989 S10 Pickup starts but won't stay running?

Most likely a problem in the fuel line.... pump or filter... could be an air flow sensor, PCV, or EGR, as well. Oh yeah, or it could be an idle sensor, or a problem with the choke.

How do you know the problem is the alternator?

If your car doesnt start, it could be the battery. But if the car starts and you unplug the negative cable and the car turns off, its the alternator.

My 92 Chevrolet caviler cranks but wont start. and doesnt have spark. is it the coil or crank sensor?

It could be your coil but then again I would have to see it to know.

Hi you have a 1998 Audi that starts fine i then go for a drive then once in a while it wont kick over you wait ten minutes and retry it then it starts what could be the factors of causing this problem?

air mass sensor?

What does it mean when black smoke comes out the exhaust and the car starts going about 30 MPH?

sounds like it could be your oxygen sensor. If it was me I'd replace it. If you smell a strong odor of gas, it could be your MAP sensor. You might also have a bad pickup in the distributor. Good luck.

What is an acoustic sensor?

An acoustic sensor could be a microphone.

What else could it be if not the knock sensor?

Map Sensor

What else could it be i have replaced the speed sensor on your 1998 Plymouth neon espresso and the speedometer still doesnt work?

Fuses, broken wire, failed PCM, failed gauge.

1996 transam starts runs a couple seconds then shuts off replaced fuel pump same thing.?

Check the connector to the air flow sensor ( should be at or near the air cleaner), it could also be the sensor itself

How come your iPod Touch will not turn on even though it has nothing wrong with it?

It could be that you need to charge it, then wait for awhile, come back and try to turn it on again. When it starts up a picture of an apple should appear.

Your jeep Cherokee starts fine but will not keep an idle?

Its possible that it is the TPS sensor (throttle position sensor)easy to replace yourself and available at your local parts store.It could also be a transmission issue, change the fluid and filter, but start with the TPS sensor its a common problem and cheaper solution

The fuel pump runs but it wont start cold but it will if you keep trying 99 blazer after it warms up it starts fine?

The engine coolant sensor could be at fault.