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Most women have naturally lumpy areas in their breasts. However, if you notice changes in your breasts (including unusual lumps and pain or tenderness) it could be an early sign of cancer. See your doctor for a mammogram. Be sure to bring specific concerns to the doctor's attention.

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Your armpit hurts to touch but you have no redness or a lump and it not an ingrowing hair what could this be?

lolz cancer

Ok well i am a man im 18 im a bit over weight i can feel a lump inside my left breast it feels oval shaped it hurts a little when i touch it my nipple is inverted can it be breast cancer?

Yes fatty. Breast cancer for you.His name, by the way, was Robert Paulsson.

Is it right to touch sister on her breast?

If you are a doctor or medically inclined and looking for breast cancer lumps. Otherwise no.

Is breast cancer awareness important?

For sure! You don't have to have breast cancer in order to learn about it! I have been very touch with the stories I have read. Every survivor and their families and friends have a story that needs to be read.

Can girls developing breasts get breast cancer?

Yes but it is very unusual.Girls with abnormal high progesterone levels are more suceptible to develop breast cancer, but this condition is very rare. If you don't have cases of breast cancer in your family don't worry. If you have, get used to perform the breast touch frequently searching by suspicious nodules.

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If you have a bump on top of your eyelid and it hurts when you touch it what could it be?

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What is a bump that got bigger when you tried to pop it and hurts when you touch it?

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What are the signs and symptoms to watch out in breast cancer?

Symptoms of advanced breast cancer are:Irritated or itchy breastsChange in breast colorIncrease in breast size or shapeChanges in touchPeeling or flaking of the nipple skinA breast lump or thickeningRedness or pitting of the breast skinEarly warning signs of breast cancer are:Skin changes, such as swelling, rednessAn increase in size or change in shapeChanges in the appearance (one or both nipples)Nipple discharge other than breast milkGeneral pain in any part of the breastSymptoms for Male breast cancer:Lumps in the breast, usually painlessThickening of the breastChanges to the nipple or breast skinDischarge of fluid from the nipples

What could it be if you have a bump on the lower base of your head it is located on the left side and it hurts to touch and it hurts to move my head as well as smile?

did you hit your head? ....

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Yes..I would see a doc if I were you.

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What happens when you touch a cactus?

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What causes pain in the sternum?


Catch Breast Cancer Early ?

Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of women each year. Many survive the disease and subsequent treatment but others are too late in being diagnosed and are not fortunate enough to receive a good prognosis when dealing with their breast cancer. This disease is a tricky one because it often does not have any symptoms. Women look for signs of breast cancer on a regular basis, but many women experience no symptoms at all. Those that do experience symptoms may have a better chance of being diagnosed earlier, which means a better chance of survival. Even when you have a lump in your breast, which is the most telling sign that you are facing breast cancer, it may be too small for you to feel during a routine self breast exam. When a lump is noticeable in the breast, one that is rough, jagged around the edges and hard to touch is likely cancer. However, even if you notice a soft, rounded lump it is not necessarily benign; some women have felt this type of lump only to be diagnosed as breast cancer by a doctor. Anytime you notice any sort of lump in your breast you should have your doctor check you for cancer. The American Cancer Society encourages women to be on the lookout for symptoms such as swelling in any portion of the breast, dimpling or irritation of the skin on the breast, pain in the breast and/or a lump in the area under the arm. Each of these symptoms is indicative of breast cancer and should be followed up on with a doctor immediately. In addition, there are several ways your nipples will let you know if you are suffering from breast cancer. Should your nipples begin turning inward or become painful, turn red or scaly or begin to thicken or if they are excreting anything other than breast milk you should have your breasts checked by your doctor immediately. The earlier breast cancer is caught, the better. Early stage breast cancer is easier to treat than cancer in a later stage, which means your chance of surviving breast cancer is far greater.

Im a boy and my nipples I have something hard in them and whenever you touch them it hurts What is wrong?

There can be a few reasons why: Maybe your breast muscles are tightening or if you can a lumo/bump on your breast that can be serious so if you do go get a mammogram done to make sure there can't be a tumor developing!

Why right side of temple hurts to touch and all around eye area?

You could have sinus pressure or a migraine headache.

What could be wrong if you have pain in your abdomen that moves up your chest and hurts to the touch?

It is possibly a hiatal hernia. See your doctor!

Did neji touch hinata breast?


What are the signs of breast cancer?

I would pay attention to any swelling in the breast, pain in the breast and especially any unusual lumps or knots you may find. Don't forget to give yourself a breast exam every month.1,There is a lump in the breast cancer, and the texture of mass is relatively hard can be moved.2,The Nipple discharge is red, yellow, or colorless but you can not touch the bump in the breast. Of which about 15% are malignant.3, As breast cancer patients is often accompanied by hyperplasia, So few patients have varying degrees of breast pain or tingling, Do not mistakenly believe that "cancer pain who do not, those non-cancer pain." .4, Other changes, such as nipple desquamation, Erosion, Retraction, Both sides of the Breast asymmetry, And local skin with mild depression and so on. Than that for early signs for early detection and early treatment.When looking for the symptoms on your own, though, lumps on the chest area , underarm , or collar bone are definite red flags.It is possible to have breast cancer with no signs. That's why monthly self exams and annual mammograms are recommended.

What could a hard lump on the back of the neck at hairline be that hurts to touch with surrounding tissue very painful?

If you have a concern you should have your physician examine it for you.

What could a lump be about 2 inches away from the right side of your spinal cord and it hurts when you touch it?

It could be a mumber of things but I advise getting checked by Dr. or medical clinic

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I have the same problem from time to time, but I don't know why it hurts...