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Could it be considered sexual molestation if a 15-year-old allows a 19-year-old male to fondle her breast?


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Often girls will get so embarrassed and flustered when they are sexually harrassed, that they will not openly object but will rather just hope that the situation passes quickly. Chances are that the 19-year old harrassed this girl, whether he did or not depends on what the girl yothought of what happened. Were they dating? Had the girl asked the guy to touch her chest? If this was just a random guy, who just grabbed her chest, it certainly was sexual harrasment. She might not want to make a fuss (too embarrassed and the guy might be considered cool), but it's worth reminding her that her body is her territory and no-one should touch it without her permission. * It depends on what state you live. Most states consider the age of 15 as consenting adults. As long as the violator isn't over the age of 22 (I think that is the age) and the girl allows it no charges will stand in court. * There is no US state where a 15-year-old regardless of gender is considered an adult. Likewise, the age 22 does not apply in all states as to the age discrepancy. In the majority of states there are no age difference factors even when both partipants are minors. The 19-year-old is an adult in most states, the 15-year-old is a minor. Regardless of whether or not the underage female objected, it is legally sexual harassment and could be construed as molestation or sexual misconduct depending upon the exact circumstances.