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Yes. A lot of whomen who want to be pregnant can actually make themselves feel symptoms. You should really wait until you are late with your period and then take another test.

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You are having morning sickness could you be pregnant last month had a faint positive pregnancy result?

Even a faint positive is a positive. And false positives are very rare. You are pregnant.

How can you tell you are pregnant when you have a negative result but you have symptoms?

Go to the doctor and tell them about the symptoms you are having, then take another pregnancy test just to make sure.

How long after having flu symptoms can a person be tested and get a positive result?

Within three days.Pradeep Kumar

How would you know if you are pregnant after 3 days of intercourse?

You wouldn't. You wouldn't be getting any symptoms yet and you couldn't get a positive result on a pregnancy test

Can you get pregnant if your pap smear test is positive?

yes get pregnant if pep smear test positive

Why would a pregnancy test not give you either answer?

A pregnancy test can only give you "a negative result" (probably not pregnant) or "a positive result" which indicates the likelihood of pregnancy. Only a blood test or physical examination can confirm a positive result (definitely pregnant). There are some conditions which have pregnancy symptoms, and very rare conditions under which pregnancy is not immediately detectable after fetal development begins.

Is it possible that an EPT would give a false positive 5 months after having a baby?

Probably not. You should go see a doctor and find out if you are pregnant again. Or why you are getting a positive result if you aren't.

What does a false pregnancy blood test mean?

Perhaps you are having signs and symptoms of pregnancy but the blood test is showing that you are not pregnant. Why not ask the person who gave you the test and result?

15 days late all symptoms neg result what are the chances of being pregnant?

very likely that you are not pregnant

When does a female know she is pregnant?

When she gets a positive pregnancy test result

If you get an early positive result with your first pregnancy will you necessarily get an early result with the second pregnancy?

Not necessarily. Every Pregnancy is different, and therefore the symptoms and other factors will usually be different as well. But If you have been pregnant before it will be alot easier for you to get pregnant again.. Especially if it is with the same person. Good Luck

Can you be pregnant if you only had the lower backpain symptom?

If you've had sex, you can be pregnant. The best way to tell is to take a home-pregnancy test and if you get a positive result to go to your doctor to confirm. There are many different symptoms of pregnancy, but these symptoms can indicate other medical issues as well. The surest way to know is to visit your doctor.

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend didnt come and your period was 2 weeks off schedule and when it came it was light and short and im bloating and having some of the symptoms?

Having unprotected sex can always result in pregnancy you should do a home test

Why does your body act pregnant when you are not?

Many things can cause this: * Believing your pregnant can somehow result in a woman feels physical symptoms or believing she is having symptoms of pregnancy. * Hormone imbalance. * Birth control. * Worrying excessively about being or falling pregnant can also cause physical symptoms to appear. So basically apart from the hormone imbalance and birth control, its all in the power of the mind. Psychologically believing something very strongly or worrying about it constantly can cause physical symptoms to appear but these symptoms will only be noticeable to the woman.

What is a good number of follies to have when trying to get pregnant to increase the chances of a positive result?

What does this mean?

If you take a pregnancy test while pregnant would they result come out positive?


How can you tell if you are pregnant after period?

you will either A] Miss your next period B]Have a positive result on a pregnancy test C] experience early pregnancy symptoms, such as frequent urination, sore tender breast, nausea. Raye

Does a faint positive result mean you are pregnant?

In general, if even a faint positive line shows the result is positive. This is only true if the test is read in the time window mentioned by the manufacturers, or if you are not on any medications which may give a false positive.

Can we get pregnant when not having periods?

Depends. Why aren't you having periods? A period is not necessary for pregnancy. Some women are "constantly" pregnant; that is they get pregnant after each birth before they have a period. (Each period is the result of not getting pregnant.)

One positive one negative result no period and pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant?

As I was once told, "a positive is a positive"The body produced a hormone called HCG only when pregnant.HCG is the hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. This hormone is what a pregnancy test detects. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. During a normal pregnancy, the HCG levels will steadily rise throughout pregnancy.

Does a faintly positive pregnancy test meant you are pregnant?

Yes this does mean you are pregnant as hcg has been detected in your urine. See your Doctor for confirmation. A false positive result is exceedingly rare. The result may be light positive because you have tested too early or are not as far along into your pregnancy as you thought.

If you are spotting can you still get a positive pregnancy result?

If you are just spotting and not having your full period then yes you can still get a positive result. Spotting could mean the implantation of the egg.

Ive been having all the symptoms of pregnancy for at least 2 weeks and you took a test is was positive then just got your period you were a week late am ok should you goto a dr?

the fact that you got a positive result in a pregnancy test, having your period is highly unusual so going to the doctor is the best idea.

Can you still be pregnant if you had an irregular period and you have symptoms of pregnancy but a pregnancy test was positive then took another one and it was negative?

It is very rare that a pregnancy test would come up positive if you weren't pregnant, because it detected HGC in your urine. In most cases if a HPT is wrong it comes up negative. If your period was irregular and you had a positive result you are most likely pregnant. I would try another test, or go see a doctor and request a blood test.

Can i b pregnant if my first home pregnancy test came out positive and the second negetive?

Your test results are saying that you are both pregnant and not pregnant at the same time. There is either a false positive or false negative result . To be sure do your test at a lab.