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My ECM on a 1993 Metro just went out and it was similar to what you are experiencing. Mine mimicked fuel system problems, but I took it to a mechanic w/ all of the diagnostic equipment, and he was able to diagnose the faulty ECM. This saved me from unneccessarily replacing fuel system parts, and was well worth the money. I found the ECM for my engine/transmission off of Ebay for $21.00 shipped. You can also get them off of the internet rebuilt for $200.00, and used for $150.00.

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Q: Could it be the ECM if a 97 Geo Metro runs for a week then it will have a problem starting and there seems to be no power to the throtle body injector?
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Fuel injector off and swopt it to another hole and it work for a minute and then back to problem what could be causing this a bad fuel injector or bad wires?

If the problem followed the fuel injector then it is a bad injector. If the problem stayed at the same hole with a different injector then it could be bad wiring.

On a 1990 Nissan maxima what is the problem when the fuel injector stop spraying?

the harness could be bad on that injector chech to see if its firing and if it is then the injector is bad

On an 1990 S15 GMC is not getting fuel from the injector?

If it is just one injector, it is a bad injector or a problem in the wiring harness or connector for that injector. If it is all of the injectors, it could be a fuse, the entire injector harness, a broken loose or unplugged connector on the injector harness, or the fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator.

Chevy Tracker fuel indicator not working What could be the problem?

possible problems are: The fuse is blown, or the injector is bad, or the wiring to the injector is bad, or the computer is bad

What could be the problem with your 1992 geo metro convertible if it is getting fuel and fire but it will not start?

Fuel injector

Engine bogs down at high RPM Honda civic?

there is a secondary fuel injector on the throtle body, if you look just under the box with dpfi on the top you will see them. one is brown and one is green if memory serves me (its been about 3 years) the lower fuel injector should be to blame here. the problem is that the dual point is just what it implies two points in other words two fuel injectors. the car normally or at low rpm will run off of the primary injector until the ecu see's fit to engage the secondary injector. in my opinion the secondary injector is cloged, damaged, or unplugged. either that or you need a fuel filter. hope i could help.

Why does the engine rev up when you push in the clutch on a 1998 Mazda pickup b-3000?

I have this same problem with my B3000. The only results I have found is that the IAC (idle air control) sensor needs to be changed. Also, you could try cleaning the throtle body plate and sensor. This could be causing your truck to not realease the throtle body when engaging clutch.

Will a partially blocked injector cause my 5 cylinder to miss fire and the computer to recognize the problem?

Yes, it could.

What does a fuel injection problem on a 1994 camaro mean?

It means your fuel injector or computer are messed up. Your injector could be very clogged. Somewhere in your fuel system you have a problem. You should have a scanner plugged into your car and get the code, it should lead you to it or near.

Your 1987 Bronco II has a miss you did a compression test that's good and put new plugs wires distributor cap and rotor button on will a bad injector cause this problem?

yes a bad or partially clogged injector could cause this problem

1994 4.5 liter Chevy truck is running rough when half or full throttle Have changed the TPS sensor with no luck Anyone know what the problem could be?

you could have a bad fuel injector if dirt gets into the injector it will stay open

What could cause a 1994 Ford Escort to stall at red lights and stop signs when stopping from normal speed?

Hey Rich==The idle speed solonoid is pprobably to blame. Take it off of the throtle body and clean it with carb cleaner. Also clean th inside of the throtle body where the throtle plate is as a carbon ring forms there. Goodluck Joe I had a similar problem and the PCV tube was punctured. $20 part at a ford dealer and you can replace it yourself. I too had this problem and the PCV tube was cracked and collapsed. Replaced and all was well. I also had this problem, with my 1996 wagon.. problem was a cinked PCV hose, was very cheap, and easy to replace. Fixed the problem ;)

What besides plugs and wires would cause a miss to cure itself for two weeks and begin missing again in a 1999 Beetle?

Some vehicles have single, throttle body injectors, others have multi-port injection, that uses an injector for each port. If it's an injector problem, the injector could be partially blocked or gummed up. If that's the case, try a little injector cleaner. If that doesn't fix it you may need to have your injectors professionally cleaned. If it's not an injector problem, it could be valve or sparkplug problems. How long since you've change the plugs? You could run a compression test to find out if it's a bad valve.

1991 chevy beretta the problem i m having with it is it will start if you pour gas directly into the throtle body but other then that all it does is turn any ideas it has good gas pressure up throtle?

You may need to check the path of gas from the tank to the carb. It could be a faulty fuel pump, a clogged fuel filter.

How do you trace down a dead fuel injector on a 1991 Chevrolet caprice?

The 91 Caprice is throttle body injected and has 2 fuel injectors mounted above a Rochester throttle body. The easiest way to check for an injector that is not working correctly is to remove the air cleaner assembly, start the car and visually inspect the base of the injectors for a smooth consistent spray pattern. If the pattern is absent or intermittent on both injectors it may indicate a problem elsewhere, the ECM or a maybe a wiring issue or sensor. If it is a single injector that is acting up it could be the injector or a wiring problem to that injector which could be tested with a multimeter.

The obd11 scanner says that line a of the tps wiring has a problem?

could be throtle position sensor , does the engine surge or cutout at junctions, it says wiring problem, fist check all pugs and socket to tps if poss. check continuety across conection.

Could an electrical problem keep my 95' subaru from starting?


When you push gas pedal in your 1997 Mercury Mystique the car advances slowly and wants to stop but if you push the accelerator to the floor you get an immediate response what could be wrong?

could be a throtle positon sensor. This is a sensor that tells the computer how far down the throtle is being pushed.

1995 Mazda starts but then turns off?

without knowing more it sounds like it could be a fuel problem, injector, or ground from engine to frame

Could fuel injector be the cause of a p0307 code?

It could.

What is the reason or problem when you hear loud clanking noises when starting your car but does not turn over?

Could be your alternator problem.

What causes a 1991 Chevy Camaro RS 3.1 to start and run for a short time using starting fluid when there is fuel pressure and vacuum and could it be the fuel rail or pressure regulator?

i had the same problem and after changing every part you can i bought a noid test light and traced it to a shorted fuel injector. you have to un plug and test every injector un till you find which one is not pulsing.with it unplugged the car should run mine did. then replace the bad injector,problem solved.i changed the fuelpump,filter,strainer,anti theft relayt,and the computer.before i checked the injectors so i spent a lot of money to find a $70 injector bad.i hope this helps you.

If ford seems to choke whenever you put your foot on the gas Is this an injector problem?

Check the fuel pressure. Low fuel pressure could leave the engine starved for fuel when you try to develop power. An injector system does not have a traditional choke but what you describe could be the result of low fuel pressure.

What could be the problem with a 1995 Mazda mx6 not starting?

There could be many reasons why a 1995 Mazda MX6 is not starting. Some of the reasons could be a bad alternator, starter, battery, or fuel pump.

What could be the problem with starting your 2001 Honda civic when it cranks and turns over but won't start?

could be disdributor