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It might, though it sounds unlikely, take a pregnancy test

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Q: Could it mean your pregnant if you have your period and its normal the first day and light the next 6 days and then 7 days later start to spot light pink?
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If you spotted the first two days of your cycle and had a normal period after could you be pregnant?

you are not supposed to have a period if you are pregnant.

Can you have intercourse then have a period few days after then next month when your period is due it only lasts two days and is really light can you be pregnant?

if your first period was normal and then your next period was not normal for you then you could have got pregnant between the months

Could you be pregnant if your period was light and short for the first time?

could you be pregnant if you period was short and light

When pregnant do you normally have cramps when you miss your first period?

Yes, cramping when you miss your first period is normal.

Could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period i had blood spot for about five days?

could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period had blood spot for about five days?

Your period was the normal 5 days but it was lighter then normal and your breast itchy and red could you be pregnant?

When in doubt, take a pregnancy test. Usually the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period and sore breasts.

Can a girl get pregnant if she does not come on her period?

If you have never had a period in your life, you cannot get pregnant. Yes you can get pregnant even if you have not ever had a period. The reason is it could be the first time you have ovulated and then your first period would have come.

Could I be pregnant if I had a normal period the first day and spotting for 2 days?

Yes, you can! Ok, then how soon can you test for pregnancy with the home test?

Is it normal for a dog to get pregnant during her first period?

No, it is not. But your young female may.

When do you notice when your pregnant?

Your first clue... would be the absence of your normal (expected) period.

Can you have heavy bleeding on the day the period was due and still be pregnant?

Doctors used to believe you could, but an article publishing in "PARENTING" recently stated that you cannot have a period and be pregnant, although spotting is normal in the first few months.

Could you still be pregnant if you have your period and a negative hpt?

If you have your period, you are not pregnant. If you are one of the "one in a million" women who experience bleeding like a normal period in your first trimester, the hpt would show up positive by the time you have had your period. So if you have had your period and still have a -ve hpt, then you are definitely not pregnant. It is not "one in a million" women that have a normal-like period while pregnant. i have heard from a LOT of women who have had them. one woman i know had a period every month for 4 months and was pregnant. do not listen to the answer above this! that is not true. if you think you could be pregnant, but your HPT says negative, either wait a week, or go to your OBGYN. :)

I didnt see my first period when i got pregnant is this normal?


Could there still be a chance of being pregnant if he ejaculated inside you during ovulation and than later that month you got your normal period?

yes, I had 3 periods while i was first pregnant

Most people are six weeks along before they know they are pregnant does this mean its normal to have your period when you are first pregnant?

Hello - No it is not normal to have your period but it is normal to experience light brown bleedig during the first month. This is simply old blood being flushed out of your system.

Can you get normal like period bleeding while pregnant?

You can't have your period while being pregnant. However, you can have vaginal bleeding frequently during your first trimester.

Im showing signs of starting period but you just finished 2 weeks ago and showed no signs when you were starting could you be pregnant?

Showing signs? Meaning cramping? or spotting? Was the first period normal? If you had unprotected sex than yes you "could" be pregnant. Stress from thinking your pregnant can also bring such symptoms.

Do you get pregnant 28 days after the first day of you last period or the last day?

Neither, about a week after your period ends is normal.

Could a woman be pregnant and have period?

No, if you think you are pregnant but your having your period then you are not pregnant. if your by the age of 50, it could be menopouse, or if your period is irregular, you could of just skipped, but... if that happened, beware of next month. answer.... a woman can have her period when she first gets pregnant....after getting pregnant she can have her expected period the next month, so just cuz u have ur period does not mean ur not pregnant, it will be light and spotted or last just a few days though...

Could you be pregnant and have a normal period for 2 months is a row?

If you have a period while your pregnant, this may be a sign of something else going on. If your eight months pregnant, it's probably early labor. If your in your first trimester of pregnancy, then there's something else going on and you need to get to the doctor immediately.

You thought you were pregnant but you got your period are you?

It is normal for some females to still have a period during the first trimester of their pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant get tested. It is as simple as peeing into a cup.

Is it Normal to have your period in your first trimester?

No, if its just spotting ( little bits of your period) then yes... but if its your full period, cheack a docter to see if you miscarried or if your even pregnant.

Can you be pregnant and have a regular period and then spott a little?

yea that's normal for the first three months sweetheart

Why my menstruation suddenly stop considering i have normal period the first day was heavy but it stop the day after only blood spotting could i be pregnant?

What??? pregnet no just a bot abnormall

Do you have to be on your period to get pergnant?

It is possible to get pregnant even though you haven't had your first period yet. Your very first period flushes the lining of your uterus and that lining may or may not contain a viable egg. If it did happen to include a viable egg, then for some period of time prior to your first period, sperm could fertilize the egg and you could become pregnant.