Could it possibly be meningitis if an 8 year old girl has a sore neck but can make her neck touch her chest though says it's sore to do so and does have energy unlike question about 6 yr old?

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It would be impossible for anyone to make an accurate diagnosis through the Internet, so you should take your child to the doctor. Even if it turns out to be something as simple as sleeping badly, at least you'll know and have peace of mind.
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What are lumps on the back of the head and neck that are sore and tender to the touch?

Ok so. It really depends where these lumps are. These sound like lymph nodes. You have lymph nodes all over your body but the primary ones that you will notice are behind the ear (occipital lymph node), two areas down your neck from the edge of your jaw down to your collar bone (cervical nodes), one ( Full Answer )

What could cause your neck and chest to hurt?

Answer . By no means am I an expert in this area, however, I would like to contribute an opinion to this question. For many people, when drinking carbonated beverages, it is quite common to experience a tingling sensation to the neck and chest (commonly painful and uncomfortable) because of the ( Full Answer )

What could be wrong if you were told you were developing a dowagers hump but tested negative for osteoporosis but now your back just below your neck is so sore and painful that you can't lie on it?

Answer . \nHmmm... That's a very complicated question!!\n. \nIf you're seeing a Rheumatologist, I'm sure he/she has checked you for cushing's disease or referred you to an Endocrinologist\n. \nIf you've NOT seen an Endocrinologist, then I strongly suggest you get a referral to see one. Since ( Full Answer )

Your cat has sores around his neck head and shoulder blades what can this be from?

Do you have another cat in the house that could be inflicting the wounds? I have the exact same symptoms with my oldest cat. She is 14 years old. We can not tell if she is doing this herself...or it is one of the much younger cats (two is 1.5...the other about 7 mos old). . i just ( Full Answer )

Your 8 year old daughter has a lump in the right hand side off her neck and its extremely painful when it is touched and she will scream in pain she has had this for about 8 week's now please help?

Please see a doctor Immidiately. Any kind of lump in the body should be dealt with seriously and shown to the doctor at the earliest.. I agree with the above - most likely the lesion is an infection of the lymph node (aka - adenitis). There are a few other etiologies for such a clinical presentatio ( Full Answer )

How do you heal a sore neck?

There are many ways to heal a sore or stiff neck.The fastest is to go to the store and buy a neck brace and wear that at least three hours daily and as you sleep. Other ways are cold and hot pads, neck pillows when you sleep,and avoiding sitting in one spot for long periods of time(computers or gami ( Full Answer )

What is the red bumpy sore on your dogs neck?

probably a flea bed that has been scratched to much if the dog can not get to it by licking than put some neosprion on after a good flea bath let shampoo sit for 5 minutes then rince really good if it does not seem to be clearing up in about 4 to 5 days take to your vet

Sore swollen neck mostly on the front left side your throat is not sore however you are also very tired What could cause this?

MY suggestion would be research mononucleolus. which I probably spelled wrong. I am no Dr, but I am researching causes tonite on an unsolved swelling throat myself. My throat is not painful just swollen. For a week the antiobiotics are finished and Its still swollen. My Doc asked me if i was tired a ( Full Answer )

Lumps on neck and head of 6 year old Help?

Perhaps you can provide more information. Are the "lumps" on top of the skin or underneath the skin? On the head, are they on the face or in the hair? Are they colored? Do they itch? Are they painful when touched? Are the lumps close together or spread out over the area?. Definitely contact a docto ( Full Answer )

Sore bump on neck?

A sore bump on the neck can be caused by several things. It may bea pimple or a small boil that is coming to a head. If it does notgo away or gets worse, it is best to see a doctor about it.

What do you say or do when your 8 year old child has been caught inapproiately touching a 6 year old?

I understand this must feel embarrassing but it does not have to be sexual to them like it would be for adults. Ask them why and if they are curious about something because that can often be the case, especially if it's a boy and a girl. They are different and curious. It does not have to be sexual ( Full Answer )

What causes sore on a cat neck?

it could be many things, If you have a cat that goes outside they could of got an it from a cat fight or from being attacked from a larger animal. It could also be from a sickness they could of picked up. The best thing to do is take to your vet and see what they say.

What causes the right side of neck and back of the head to be sore?

I have been very ill for several months now and just the other day my Doctor said my thyroids were underactive. Now I'm taking thyroid pills which helped for 3 or 4 days and now I'm back where I started. I wake up with hands and feet sweating and nausea. The right side of my neck and the back of my ( Full Answer )

Neck soreness night sweats?

Could be glandular fever is your neck swollen? normally the glands under your arms and in the neck swell

Why do I get a sore back and neck after drinking alcohol?

Alcohol tends to have a lot of negative effects on your body. If you are experiencing pain in the lower/sides of your back it can be related to liver or kidney problems. I would recommend consulting your doctor and drinking a little less.

6 yr old child has a firm lump on right side of neck oblong shape about half inch long in lymph node area other side of neck is tender and possible lump too?

Swollen lymph modes in children is very common and can be from many things including an infection or virus and allergies. Lymph nodes on the neck can be from ear aches/infections, sore throats, runny noses, loose teeth ect... Also lymph nodes may stay swollen long after the infection/problem that ca ( Full Answer )

What could cause a sore on chest to not heal?

While we don't give medical advice (that's for your doctor to do),there are several reasons why a sore on any part of your body mightnot heal. (1) Some people just heal slowly. (2) The sore has gotteninfected and needs some topical medication to speed healing. (3)You may be deficient in certain vita ( Full Answer )

What makes 9 year old girls breasts tender and sore?

this is a natural occurance it is the onset of puberty. 9 does seem to be young, however each individual is unique and is set to thits own clock. Watch if this is a daily on going thing or does it seem to cycle, sore and tender for a few days and then fine for a couple of weeks before re-occurring. ( Full Answer )

What symptoms include runny nose sore scalp sore neck and fever?

Any time the symptoms include a sore neck and fever, there is a chance of something serious, and a consultation with a health care provider is recommended. There are various conditions that manifest these symptoms and, without diagnosis by a doctor or other health care professional, there is no way ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for police to question an 8 yr old in a police car without parents?

If the child was alone and in 'strange' circumstances and the police found it necessary to talk to him, to find out information, yes they can. If he was taken into custody and questioned in a situation where it was clear that he wasn't going to be released then the parents should have been present.

Sore throat cough horrible headache and neck pains what could you have?

No contributor to this site can diagnose illnesses, diseases or pregnancy over the internet, nor is it the purpose of this site for them to do so. The best that can be offered is general advice which can never be personal to any asker. If you are truly worried about your condition then you must seek ( Full Answer )

What diseases can make your neck sore?

A sore neck can be caused by muscle stiffness perhaps due to stress. More serious conditions such as goiter or tonsillitis can occur. There are lymph nodes under the jaw that can become swollen and sore due to an illness elsewhere in the body as well. A cold or flu may make the lymph nodes swell and ( Full Answer )

How do you sleep with a sore neck?

Well first you must look at how or what caused your neck to be sore... try heat and if this does not work see a doctor. ____ I agree with the above answer, and I would suggest that if the neck pain does not go away make a doctor of chiropractic your first stop.

What makes temples sore to touch?

Tension headache. Can result From anxiety stress fatigue alcohol jaw or neck strain. If it doesn't go away after sleep or in a couple days see a doctor. Hope this helps :)

What causes sore glands in neck left side of neck lasting 6 months?

Most people have a tiny amount of cancer in their bodies before the age of 21. However, in most healthy people the lymphatic system destroys it before it gets out of hand. Sore glands can be painful for 6 months if they are containing and destroying cancerous cells or diseases.

How is it possible for a 6 yr old to get pregnant?

Well, the only way this is possible is if the female has her menstrual cycle already. A male who is capable of producing sperm, would have sex with this female. During the right time of the month, the male's sperm would fertilize the 6 year old females egg she released during ovulation; thus resulti ( Full Answer )

Why 6 years old daughter's knee feel sore at night occasionally?

It is difficult to say with so few details. If your child has fallen or had some other injury recently, it could just be bruising, strain, sprain, etc. If your child is highly active (hopefully so) then it could be an overuse condition that are not usually serious, but can cause discomfort (eg ( Full Answer )

What to do about left side sore neck?

This has happened to me several times. And all the times i have experienced it, it was on the left-back side of my neck. There are many reasons why you have a sore neck. You haven't slept in the right position You haven't stretched before an exercise or sport You are too stressed Mine happened on a ( Full Answer )

Does a chain cause sores on your goats neck?

If a chain is too tight, the goat can become uncomfortable and this can cause rashes, infection, cuts. If the chain is too heavy for your goat, the goat can get a sore neck and often cuts and scratches from the chain. A goat should not be on a chain for an extended period of time, maybe when you can ( Full Answer )