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Does a 208 volt outlet need a neutral?

No a 208 volt outlet does not need a neutral. 208 volts is the line voltage between any two legs of a three phase 208 volt system.

What does system voltage low means?

Means voltage is below specification ( voltage below the amount needed to run the system).

What is the electrical voltage are supplied by the power supply on your system?

The electric voltage are energy to my system.

What is pre-fault voltage?

It is simply the voltage of the system before the fault occurs.. Most probably this is the voltage of healthy system...

How do you calculate line voltage from phase voltage?

It depends on the system.For a delta-connected, three-wire, system, the line voltage is exactly the same as the phase voltage.For a wye-connected, four-wire, system, the line voltage is 1.732 (the square-root of 3) times the phase voltage.

If you do, do you have a system compatible with a1000 watt home theater system?

All mini systems will be able to jack into a 1000 Watt home theater system.

What you meant by outlet?

Outlet: A point on the wiring system at which current is taken to supply utilization equipment.

What is terminal voltage?

Terminal voltage is the voltage gotten at the terminals of the load in any system.

How many volts in low voltage?

There are three main categories of low voltage. It depends on what type of system the voltage belongs to, as each system has a bottom end or low voltage assigned to it.

What system is useful for a home theater music system?

A system that is useful for a home theater music system is - Cachedose for its high quality and sound.

What is home theater-in-a-box and how does it differ from a regular home theater system?

home theater in a box is an entire surround system shiped in a box where as other systems may be bought seperately

What is excitation and excitation voltage?

The basic voltage that make the system work.

Does the bose home theater system come with a DVD player?

Yes.A dvd player is essential for any modern home theater system

What home theater system is highest rated by Consumer Reports?

The Yamaha YHT-690BL Home Theater System is right up their as is the Onkyo HT-S9100THX Home Theater System, you can't go wrong with either one of these bad boys.

What is LT system?

LT is Low Tension - it means Low voltage. generally up to 440 Volts system is known as low voltage system

How long is the Life expectancy of home theater system?

I bought a home theater system for R5000.00 And I had it for three years and then When I was playing my sons wii I let go of my remote and it hit my old flatscreen which fell on the connection pad for my home theater system and it broke...

What is definition of residual voltage?

Net voltage in the Neutral of a three phase electrical system is called residual voltage.

How do you reset a Panasonic home theater system?

all we need is the model of the system.

What is the ratio of rms load voltage to mean load voltage?

The mean load voltage, in other words the average voltage, is zero in an ac system.

What brand of home theater system is the absolute most expensive?

Sony has the most expensive home theater system but also carries lower priced systems.

When should you use an ungrounded outlet?

If the wiring system into which you are installing an outlet has no ground available, use an ungrounded outlet. In an ungrounded system, an outlet with a ground contact would allow the outlet user to mistakenly, and perhaps dangerously, assume that a ground was present. A suitable ground may be available as a ground wire accompanying the hot and neutral wires in the cable, or a ground may be available via conductive conduit and a metal outlet box. In any case, use a tester to confirm the integrity of the assumed ground. A voltage test from the hot wire to the ground should show the same voltage as between hot and neutral (the black and white wires respectively). If you are replacing an ungrounded outlet, you need not assume there is no ground present. You may find, in the box, ground wires that were not connected to the outlet. You may come across grounded outlets that have no ground wire attached because they rely on grounding via the mounting screws through the outlet ears to the metal box. This is a less reliable grounding method. It is better to buy a ground-wire "pigtail," fasten the wire directly to a hole in the metal box with the supplied screw, and attach the other end of the ground wire to the outlet via the outlet's ground screw.

Is a Line voltage understood to be any voltage?

The Line normally refers to the live wire in a single-phase system and the three live wire of a 3-phase system. In a 3-phase system the line voltage is usually quoted as the nominal voltage, and that is the voltage between any two of the live wires. The voltage between one of the lines and neutral is 1/sqrt(3) times less.

Should Low-Voltage develop a system to connect with TX Industries' Purchasing system Why or why not?

= "Should Low-Voltage develop a system to connect with TX Industries' Purchasing system Why or why not?" =

Why do you have voltage to ground but not voltage phase to phase?

There is phase to phase voltage in 3 phase system.AnswerYou don't get voltage 'phase-to-phase'; it's 'line-to-line'!

What is term used when an Alternating current acts like a direct current?

Perhaps you are asking how the voltage of alternating current is measured, to be equivalent to the voltage of a direct current system. Alternating current and direct current have distinct properties. With direct current, voltage is at a constant polarity, and a direct current voltage source will maintain a uniform, constant voltage level. Alternating current reverses polarity at a given frequency and therefore it's voltage continuously varies from a positive peak voltage level, through zero, to a negative peak voltage level, repeating this cycle continuously. For this reason, voltage of an alternating current system, is measured in root-mean-square (rms), which is a voltage, which when multiplied by the current in amperes, calculates power which is equivalent to that of direct current of the same voltage and current values. With a typical sinusoidal waveform, the peak voltage of alternating current is divided by the square root of 2 to determine the rms voltage. The 120 volts output in the wall outlet in our home is actually about 170 peak volts.