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each guinea pig needs 1860 sq so i would think so


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the guinea pig could be injured or the fall could have killed it.

This depends on the personality of the guinea pig and the ferret, they could but they could not.

Yes your guinea pig could be pregnant or you could be overfeeding it. Is it exposed to any male guinea pigs? if this continues visit your local vet.

it could mean a number of things. it could be they are hungry or they do it to find another guinea pig

a guinea pig can be attacked by anything that is bigger then them!! Be careful!

No!!! Guinea pigs are hervibores (vegaterions). The only way it could kill it is if the mouse annoyed the guinea pig and the guinea fought the mouse.

NO! a good companion for a guinea pig is another guinea pig. A bunny and a guinea pig could injure each other.

TAKE HIM TO THE VET! Guinea pigs are extremely sensitive and anything you could do could hurt your little buddy.Hope This Helps,A Guinea Pig Lover

YOu should bathe your guinea pig as little as possible as they could catch an upper respiratory infection which could kill them

If a rooster wanted to it could easily kill a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs will vibrate for several reasons, they could be cold or nervous.

yes a guinea pig could survrive in a bedroom as long as its made guinea pig safe and its in a cage/hut. letting the pig roam free could easliy get it stepped on or it could chew something that is not safe.

Yes, it could be possible that the male could kill the babies

if male guinea pigs are put together they could fight to the death, but alone, guinea pigs are not aggressive at all.

If you only have one guinea pig get him/her another guinea pig friend of the same gender. It could be lonely.

Guinea pigs aren't nocturnal. If they were, I don't think you could though

Yes, some guinea pigs enjoy and eat watermelon, but not all do. Don't feed guinea pigs too much watermelon though, it could cause diarrhea. Tip: When I had a guinea pig, I always took out the seeds so it could not choke. This will be a good idea if your guinea pig is a baby.

Guinea pigs should not eat ketchup because it could cause diarea and will make your guinea pig very sick!

YES! never get sand for a guinea pig it can get in there eyes and cause could also cause your guinea pig to be blind.

well .... it could be that your guinea pig has mites but it could also be something from outside. Something you can do to please your guinea pig is to masauge it in back of its ears.

It could mean they are in pain- if so consult a vet. Or they could just have a very calm personality. Also, loud sounds scare guinea pigs. If your guinea pig does not jump around or make noise, he could be deaf.

Guinea pigs may stop eating for a number of reasons. They could be stressed, have scurvy, or they could have a type of infection. If a guinea pig stops eating, then they should be taken to a veterinarian.

You could always go to google images, search "guinea pig" and download it to your phone. If you mean a picture of your own personal guinea pig, you could take a picture of it with a camera on your phone (if you have one).

They could be hungry or thirsty

you could bottle feed the guinea pigs by "milking" the mother!!

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