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Yes you can indeed be pregnant take an at home test asap or make an appointment with your doctor for a blood test you spotted for 20 days and you didn't bring that to the attention of your doctor? well just get a test and get the result that way you can find out what is going on although if you are usually like clockwork and had unprotected sex and now missed your period chances are your pregnant hope everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:19:29
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Q: Could pain in the lower abdomen and being a week late be a sign of pregnancy your period last month was 20 days long spotting and this has never happened before you are always on schedule or 2 days la?
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Is it normal to have spotting and pain in the lower abdomen during the seventh month of pregnancy?

The spotting is always cause for concern. Get in to see the doctor any time you have spotting while you're pregnant. Pain in the lower abdomen can be serious but it can also be pulling ligaments. Again, see your doctor if you have any questions.

If Your period is late And you are spotting for a week and you also experienced a severe pain in the lower left side of abdomen that was so severe you couldn't stand up and Pregnancy test is neg?

IF the pregnancy test is negative, then it could be diverticulosis. A cat scan of the abdomen will be diagnostic. See a Doctor.

Could tightness in the abdomen a symptom of pregnancy?

Is tightness in the abdomen a symptom of early pregnancy

Will there be a prickling pain in the lower abdomen in early pregnancy?

I had a prickling pain in my lower abdomen during the early stages of my pregnancy.

Is tenderness in the abdomen a sign of pregnancy?

tenderness in the abdomen is not a sign of pregnancy so if that is the situation i suggest you seea doctor. p.s. tenderness in the breasts is a sign of pregnancy.

Are you pregnant if experiencing pregnancy symptoms like headache heartburn tingling of the breasts fluttering in the abdomen bloating belching dizziness tiredness back pain discharge spotting emotion?

probs yes

What is the pregnancy called when zygote implants in the fallopian tube abdomen ovary or the cervix?

A pregnancy in which the zygote implants in the fallopian tube abdomen ovary or the cervix is called an Ectopic pregnancy.

Is heaviness of the abdomen a sign of early pregnancy?

is heaviness in the stomach sign of pregnancy

Is an itchy abdomen a sign of pregnancy?

Indeed :)

Is heaviness in the lower abdomen is a sign of pregnancy?


Can pains in abdomen be symptom of pregnancy?

yes it can.

Is a hard abdomen and stomach a sign of pregnancy?

During the second or third month of a womans pregnancy it is possible for her abdomen and lower stomach to appear bloated and feel hard. But this symptom alone is not a pregnancy symptom. I would not suspect pregnancy unless you are having other pregnancy symptoms too. Also see your doctor about your hard abdomen in case this is not pregnancy related. Good luck.

Can the lower abdomen have a temperature in early pregnancy?


Is fluttering in your stomach that isn't gas a sign of pregnancy?

Hi there - Fluttering in your abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy, but as the only symptom you're experiencing I wouldn't personally put this down to being pregnancy related. Fluttering in the abdomen during pregnancy, does not occur until you are 2-4 months into the pregnancy.

What is baby bump?

That is the enlargement of the mother's abdomen during pregnancy.

Is this a pregnancy sign if there is pain in left side of abdomen?


Is there lower abdomen cramping during early pregnancy?


When does sharp abdomen pains start during pregnancy?

Usually at the 2nd trimester a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Is a gassy cramping in the abdomen a sign of pregnancy a cross between period cramps and gas?

Yes this can be a pregnancy symptom.

When does a bellybutton pop during pregnancy?

Your bellybutton pops out when your abdomen is really stretch into the fullest or in your last months of pregnancy.

In early pregnancy is it normal to have mild pain from your abdomen to your vagina?


Is lower abdomen pain and pressure pregnancy?

Go and see doctor

What are the symptoms for causing the pain in lower abdomen at the time of pregnancy?

Pain in lower abdomen during pregnancy is quiet normal but these pain can be occurred due to the various abdomen reason like premature labour, ectopic pregnancy, preeclampsia and many more and if it occurs due to these reason then there would be the problem. So get consult of specialist to avoid the problem.

Is Lower abdominal pain early sign of pregnancy?

Cramping in the lower abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy. But extreme pain may be cysts or perhaps an ectopic pregnancy.

What happened when the internal abdomen is overheated?

it blows up