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Could pubic hair cause irritation and vaginal swelling?

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Irritation yes, swelling no... sounds like you may have crabs- I'd check with a doctor to make sure.

If you are scratching or excessively cleaning then you could cause swelling. But the best thing to do is to check with your doctor. It could be a few different things including crabs.

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Can a miscarriage cause vaginal irritation?

A miscarriage may cause vaginal irritation.

What could having a late period and vaginal itch and irritation?

A late period would not necessarily cause a vaginal itch and irritation. The itch and irritation could be caused by a yeast infection. A doctor will be able to diagnose the problem.

What can cause vaginal irritation?

There are numerous things that can cause vaginal irritation. Specifically, wearing clothes that are too tight, or wearing wet clothes for a long time, can cause vaginal problems for women.

What stds cause vaginal irritation?

yeast would cause irritation bacterial diagnosis would irritate must areas

Can salt water swimming cause vaginal irritation?

Yes it can.

What STD can cause vaginal swelling and redness?


Can penicillin cause vaginal swelling?

Yes,it can i just took penicillin and i had vaginal swelling plus a yeast infection.It freaked me out but,it only lasted 2 days.

What can cause brown vaginal discharge vaginal irritation soreness and redness?

that is a infection your vaginal discharge is supposed to be white,creamy, an clearish! i would get that checked out by a docter!

Can scratching cause vaginal blisters?

Yes; irritation of the skin or lining can lead to blisters.

What might cause vaginal pain swelling and discharge?

an std or yeast infection

Could an allergic reaction to surgical pins cause my wound to become infected?

Allergies and infections are two entirely different things. An allergy would cause redness, irritation, itching and swelling. An infection is caused by bacteria and would cause swelling, redness, heat and pus.

Vaginal Itching Burning No difference in Discharge Red and Tender around vaginal opening. What could this be?

Could be vaginitis or vulvitis. These are usually cause by a fungal infection, although in young children it is commonly caused by irritation of the vagina and vulva by soaps and perfumes. Other possibilities include cellulitis, vaginal yeast infection. If there is a swelling on one side, it could also be a Bartholin gland cyst or abscess. You should see your PCP or OB/Gyn for an evaluation if it bothers you. Noone can diagnose you over the internet.

What are the side affects from tampon infections?

There's no such thing as tampon infections, tampons are a major cause of vaginal infections such as yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis. Symptoms can include irritation, discomfort, swelling, excessive unusual discharge, and bad odour. If you suspect you have a vaginal infection see your doctor for tests and treatment.

What happens if you put lotion in your vagina?

Because the vagina tissue is thin, it isn't recommended to put just any ol lotion in there.. mostly because it can cause irritation and swelling but other problems could arise depending on the kind of lotion you are talking about... you will likely change the pH balance that could cause a yeast infection, but as lotions not indicated for internal or vaginal use aren't tested in the vagina, there is no telling what kind of problems could arise. Lotion indicated for vaginal use, like KY, are mild and will do what it is suppose to, but not much else.

Can endometriosis cause bulging stomach?

It could. This can cause swelling and if enough swelling is in the uterus, it could cause a bulge about a hand's width below the navel (belly button).

What is lumbar facet syndrome?

Lumbar facet syndrome is a painful irritation of the lower part of the lumbar spine. Swelling from the surrounding areas can cause pain due to an irritation of the nerve roots.

What could cause severe itching and swelling of the hands and feet?

what can cause severe itching and swelling of the hands and feet

Can nonoxynol-9 cause infection?

Yes, Nonoxynol-9 can cause infections as well as irritation and increased risk of STD's.Nonoxynol-9 can cause micro-tears in the vaginal walls which can cause irritation that may be mistaken for a symptom of a yeast infection. Nonoxynol-9 can change vaginal pH making it more favourable to harmful bacteria and less favourable to healthy bacteria.

What can cause vaginal swelling itching and redness?

It could be a bacterial infection, or it could be a yeast infection. Either way you need to get this treated by a medical professional. It may not even be related to the unprotected sex, but it is best to be sure.

Can pregnancy cause a milky white vaginal discharge?

Yes, increased white discharge without irritation or odor (leukorrhea) is a common symtom of early pregnancy. Such a discharge could also be a vaginal infection. See your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

Does epidural anesthesia cause swelling in feet after giving birth?

when you get the epidural could you get swelling?

Is a bearded dragon poisonous?

Yes they are, there poison is similar to rattlesnake but there so primitive that a bite would just cause swelling and irritation

What could be the cause of vaginal ache that spreads to hips?

The cause could be that continuing to keep your hips and vaginal area at different elevations while lying down could cause a pain or 'ache' to start in the vagina and spread to the hips.

What can cause vaginal itching and burning?

It could be a STD or a UTI.

I have a yeast infection why is my vulva swollen?

A yeast infection can cause swelling in the entire vaginal area. Scratching the itching makes it worse. Use a medicated ointment such as Vagisil to calm the swelling and the itch.

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