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It shouldn't unless you are chafeing it and causing temporary redness.

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Can you get genital warts from any way then sex?

by rubbing genital areas with infected fingers. the virus could get there

How do you prevent a bruise from swelling?

you can use rubbing alcohol, or you could mix table salt with butter and rub it onto the bruised area. this keeps the skin protected from discoloration and keeps the lump down to a minimum.

I have a sore on my vagina what could it be?

It could be an STD.I would get that looked at by a trained professional. Could be an STD like genital herpes or genital warts

Can you get HPV if you and your partner are virgins?

HPV and genital warts are spread by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. If either of you has had genital-genital contact, even without sex, with someone who had HPV, you could be infected. "Virginity" is not a medical concept. Your risks for STDs don't depend on if you had vaginal intercourse, but on what kinds of sexual behaviors you've had in the past.

If you have red lumps in the genital area that are sore when you press on them what could this be?

It could be a bacterial infection. (assuming you have had recent sexual contact with someone else and failed to practice good personal hygiene by cleaning up shortly after) irregardless of whether you used protection. Or it could be genital herpes. In either case, play it safe and have a full spectrum std test ASAP.

Can genital warts be fatal?

Genital warts don't directly cause death but genital warts are associated with Cervical Cancer which could kill..

What could cause squeaking from rear tire?

rubbing from brakes or rubbing from frame

How to prevent dust shield from rubbing?

There are a number of ways you could prevent a dust shield from rubbing. You could for example oil it.

Non-painful bumps around genital area?

could be genital warts caused by HPV

The discoloration and decay of surface rock material is a result of?

Chemical and mechanical weathering causes the decay and some discoloration. Elements leached from other rocks could contribute to staining.

Is my 8 month old at risk of catching genital warts from you?

Since I will not have genital contact with your eight month old, there is no way that your baby could get genital warts from me, even if I were infected. Genital warts aren't spread by casual contact,

Could genital warts be transmitted to another person if there are no symptoms?

Genital warts can be transmitted to another person even if there are no symptoms.

What method of protection could you use to prevent yourself from contracting genital herpes?

Don't have sex with a person that has genital herpes.

Can you get genital herpes when your spouse has an affair with someone with genital herpes?

Yes, if your partner brings herpes virus into your relationship, you could get genital herpes. Talk with your spouse about how you will protect yourself from STDs.

You have bumps around your rectum and vagina what is it?

it could be genital warts

Can a bump be herpes?

Yes; it could be herpes or genital warts.

CAN rubbing alcohol DAMAGE CAR Paint?

it could

What causes the humming sound in your Chevy 2005 Trailblazer when I accelerate?

There could be a few things that can cause this humming sound. It could be the wheel bearings rubbing, it could be the gears rubbing, it could even be coming from the engine pistons.?æ

What areTiny itching pimples around genitals?

Gonasyphaherpa-litus! Usually a sign that things are about to fall off. i.e. penis It could be genital warts or herpes. You need to go to a doctor and be treated asap and before you have any sexual contact with another person as you could pass it to them.

What causes a rubbing noise from front wheel well?

There are several things that could be causing this noise to come from your front wheel well. You could have a faulty wheel bearing, a brake could be dragging, or a hub is rubbing.

Are facial herpes the same as genital herpes?

No. Facial herpes normally is HSV1, and genital herpes is HSV2, but HSV2 could also appear on the face.

Can you transmit genital herpes orally?

If you give oral sex to a partner with genital herpes, you may be infected orally. Conversely, if you give your partner oral sex when you have a cold sore outbreak, you could give them genital herpes.

Can a cat get sick if they drink rubbing alcohol?

They could die.

How can we prevent sexual harrasment in the workplace?

We could Have our Own stations or we ccould have survelance cameras and the ones that are doing sexual harrasment we could fire them or the employess that get sexual harrasment could tell the boss and they could fire the perverts.

Is baking soda good for genital herpes?

NO that could aggravate the break out. The best home remedy to use on genital herpes is warm epsom salts baths.