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Could someone go to Saturn?


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Yes, the technology exists for someone to travel to Saturn, but the journey would take many years.

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No. It is a gas planet.

Saturn's website is one place where someone could find a Saturn Aura Hybrid. Edmund's website is another place where some could find this vehicle online.

you could swings on its rings and go into saturns pools

Yes, because Saturn is angry with people.

Yes, Saturn is readily visible to the naked eye. But you can't see the rings and moons without a telescope.

When a volcano is erupting, or about to erupt, then someone could not go into a volcano but if it is not erupting or it never erupts then someone could go into a volcano.

Some interesting things to do while you visit Saturn would be for one you could go ring hopping. Another thing you could do is para-sailing, because Saturn is one of the four gas gaints. The final thing that I could think of doing in Saturn is watching Jupitar go through it's phases, thats something you can't see from earth.

you couldn't go to Saturn because its way to cold and the pressure will kill you. but if you are working on a fiction thing you could wear a space suit

Someone who owns a Saturn SUV should take their vehicle when it is need of repairing to either a dealership which sells Saturn vehicles and has a repair garage. Also one could take it to a mechanic that knows how to work on Saturn vehicles and is able to tell the owner what repairs need to be fixed and knows how to fix the repairs as well.

Zero. There is no life on Saturn.

No, no one can live on Saturn because it is in outter space

Saturn has the largest rings. Also if you could make a tub big enough Saturn could float in it

It Takes about 8 Years to go to Saturn

yes it is possible for life to be on Saturn.

DieYou Can't Go To Saturn

go to saturn and check for me

Eat? You would be lucky if you could survive on Saturn. But if you made it there ok, I guess you could.

noway Human beings could not live on Saturn, and neither could their beans.

It encountered Saturn in 1979

go to myspace or go to facebook you could only if you have there e-mail

"Can you breathe on Saturn?" No. There is no oxygen on, because there is not enough oxegon to have us be allowed to breath and function on Saturn.

If you weighed 100lb on Earth you would weigh about 106.4lb on Saturn

No, Saturn is too far away to get to. We could barely reach Mars as it is. Saturn is a gas giant, so it has no rocks, other than the ones in its rings, but you can't possibly get to Saturn.

No, because there is no actual solid surface on Saturn. If you fell into Saturn, you could come out the other side.

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