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Actually, the Holocaust has indeed happened elsewhere. Genocide has taken on many forms and been inflicted in many ways. It has been seen in Armenia, Rwanda, Bosnia, the Sudan, and Cambodia, to name a few places. What makes the Holocaust unique and distinctive was that it was, unlike previous and more recent acts of genocide, a nationally-organized, bureaucratic attempt to eliminate an entire ethnic group (the Jews). It was commissioned by a highly industrialized and civilized nation-state (Germany), and undertaken by many elements of its government, including transportation and health agencies, combined with the private sector. Germany was the land of culture....Goethe, Schiller, Beethoven. Germany had invented such modern academic concepts as the seminar, the graduate school, the Ph.D. That a nation of such high intellectual caliber could descend into such barbarism was shocking to the American, British, and Soviet troops who entered Auschwitz, Dachau, and Belsen in 1945. That made the Holocaust unique. However, with the advances in technology -- particularly weaponry -- it is probably easier than ever to engage in mass extermination. That was demonstrated in Cambodia, where Pol Pot's "Year Zero" program led to the "Killing Fields" where millions of Cambodians were driven out of cities and into the countryside, tortured, and shot, leaving behind piles of skulls and emptied cities and towns.

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Q: Could the Holocaust only happen in Germany or has it happened elsewhere?
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Did the blitz happen after the Holocaust?

biltz happened on most places Germany invaded. BMS

When did Holocaust of Viannos happen?

Holocaust of Viannos happened in 1943.

When did Holocaust of Kedros happen?

Holocaust of Kedros happened in 1944.

Did the Holocaust happen before the civil war?

The Civil War happened 1861-1865. The Holocaust happened 1932-1945.

When did Holocaust trials in Soviet Estonia happen?

Holocaust trials in Soviet Estonia happened in 1961.

Where exactly did the Holocaust happen?

The Holocaust happened all over Nazi occupied Europe. But the persecution and murders were far worse in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

What countries and what years did the Holocaust happen?

The Holocaust happened mostly in Poland from 1941-1945, during WWII

What happen on may 71945 in holocaust?

Germany signed an unconditional surrender.

Where did the Holocaust happen in ww II?

Germany, poland, france,ect.

What groups allowed the Holocaust to happen?

The Nazi Party of Germany allowed the Holocaust to happen so the German people would be unified against the Jewish people.

What is the purpose of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum?

to remind the holocaust happened and nations should insure it does not happen again....

Did Holocaust survivors get money?

Yes, the Holocaust survivors did get reparation. West Germany agreed to pay Israel for slave labor and persecution for what happen during the Holocaust.

When did Blockade of Germany happen?

Blockade of Germany happened in 1914.

When did Unification of Germany happen?

Unification of Germany happened in 1866.

Who ordered the holocaust to happen?

Adolf Hitler, war leader of Germany in WW2.

What would have happened in the holocaust if the world war 2 didnt happen?

the Holocaust would not have happend without World War II.

When did United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting happen?

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting happened on 2009-06-10.

What happened in the camps in the holocaust?

Some say it didn't even happen as we are told and a lot of it is exagerrated.

Could a Holocaust happen today?

The Holocaust could in fact happen again. Actually, Joseph Stalin caused a "Holocaust" which he called Ethnic Cleansing. Of couse nowadays we have Holocaust rememberence day during which we try to prevent any future Holocaust.Yes it could. If what happened in Rwanda could happen in our enlightened times anything is possible. There was also Bosnia and the killing fields of Cambodia. Sadly, yes it could.

With whome did the Holocaust happen?

The European holocaust of the 20th cent was carried out by the Nazis upon the Jews of Germany and of other parts of Europe. The word 'holocaust' means a very large scale burning, and can be applied to other events.

Where did the holocaust happen during World War 2?

The persecution happened all over occupied Europe.

Will a Holocaust happen again?

if an event similar to the Holocaust were to happen, then they would give it it's own name, like they did with the Holocaust.

Did the Holocaust happen and what was an reason for it?

Yes it did, an cause of the Holocaust was the climate that existed in Germany between WWI and WWII. Following the conclusion of WWI, Germany's defeat was complete. The powers that won felt that Germany should make reparations to the countries that it had invaded, the peoples that had been conquered and to the Allied Forces.

Why did the Holocaust happen in Germany?

It is an oft asked question, there was not (as some tried to suggest) a specifically German thing about the Holocaust. Germany, under the Nazis provided the breeding ground for many of the factors leading to the Holocaust, but it was only when the war came and the pressures of the eastern front that persecution turned to genocide. There were many genocides carried out in Europe at the time of the Holocaust, the one in Yugoslavia, more brutal that the Holocaust may have happened under the protection of Germany, but was not instgated by Germany. Many facets of the Holocaust were due to the problems created by underlying resentment from especially the last twenty years, but in some cases beyond. __________________________ Another view is that it was all because Hitler said so.

What was Hitler's view on the Holocaust?

He approved of the Holocaust and was the one who made the Holocaust happen.

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