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Could the Jews have revolted during the Holocaust?

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How? The Germans had first gone around gathering all weapons. It was a slow process, first weapons, then the Jews were moved to the less desirable sections of town, then they were fenced in, then they were promised that things would be better after they were moved to their new homes and everyone was hereded onto the rail cars. then they were dumped in the concentration camps where they were gassed or worked to death.

Nobody anticipated that the NAZI's were that evil. Murder on that scale was not even considered, so the Jews believed the lies. Unfortunately, so did everyone else.


Some did. Even more would have done were it nor for the fact that others thought that if they were compliant, if they behaved well, then the Germans would not kill them.

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How many Jews did the Danes save during the Holocaust?

The Danish people proved that the Holocaust could be stopped by saving 99% of their Jews. 7,220 of their 7,500 Jews survived the Holocaust.

Who was the leader of the Jews during the Holocaust?

There was no 'leader of the Jews' during the Holocaust. The Jews were not a country or an organization.

Who were killed during the Holocaust?

The jews and the non jews were killed during the holocaust.

How many people other than Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, about 6.6 Million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Six million non-Jews were killed during the Holocaust, too.

Which nations helped Jews during the Holocaust?

No country specifically 'helped the Jews' during the Holocaust.

How many Jews died during holocaust in Hungary?

450,000 Jews died during the holocaust in Hungary

How many Norwegian Jews were killed during the Holocaust?

A million Norwegian Jews were killed during the Holocaust

Why did Jews hide during the Holocaust?

because the Holocaust was all about the persecution of the Jews

Where did the Jews go into during and after the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust the Jews were first sent to ghettos and from there to extermination camps and concentration camps.After the Holocaust many Jews were unable to go home and had to live in camps for Displaced Persons until they could find somewhere permanent.

Where could the Jews go to escape the harassment during the holocaust?

sneek into america

Why did Jews have to be regisered during the Holocaust?

so that the Nazis could keep track of them.

Jews during the Holocaust?

Jews during the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied europe were putted into Concentration Camps. Jews who wern't in the Nazi Zones were lucky to survive and not to be involved with the Holocaust.

How many Jews were murderd during the Holocaust?

The official figure is that 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

Did Christian churches help Jews during the Holocaust?

Yes Chrisian churches helped Jews during the Holocaust....

What were the school rules for the Jews during the Holocaust?

During the actual Holocaust Jews were not supposed to go to school at all.

How many Jews lost their lives?

During the Holocaust between 6.9 and 7.2 Million Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

Who suffered during the holocaust?

The Jews.

Did they starve Jews during the holocaust?

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Who was to be sacrificed during the holocaust?

the Jews

Did the Jews have rights during the holocaust?


How were Jews identified during the Holocaust?

yellow starduring the holocaust Jews were forced towear a yellow star of david on their clothes.

Was there more African slaves killed during slavery or Jews during the Holocaust?

More Jews killed during the Holocaust. Over 6,000,000 (6 million) Jews were killed during the Holocaust. The Jews used for slave labor and medical testing that died aren't part of that number.

Why was the Jewish people targeted during the Holocaust?

. The Jews Were Targeted During The Holocaust Because ; during The Holocaust most jews were put in concertration camps german's blammed many things upon them

Why were Jews the majority killed during the Holocaust?

The Holocaust by definition was the Nazis' attempt to rid Europe of its Jews.

Were many Jews murdered during the Holocaust?

Yes, atleast 7 Million Jews died in the Holocaust.