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Could the emergency shut off switch on a 93 mercury topaz reset if it isn't in use for a over a year and if so do you push the button and it will start sending fuel through the lines?


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January 19, 2008 6:33AM

Most unlikely, but you never know. Reset and try. If that does not work, check the fuse. If that is ok, then lets assume that the pump is not working. The easiest way to access the pump, remove the back seat, cut a hole where the pump is, and now you can work on it. Check to see if you have power to the pump, 12 volt light with the ign. on will do. If power, them most likely the pump is finished, try and bang on the bottom of the tank, might start up, If not have to remove the pump. Use a brass punch with a hammer, clean the ares first, remove the lock ring, and remove the pump with the screen. Check it out, if you have to replace, use a new 0 ring with grease, replace, and use a new lock ring. Test it out. Just use a good piece sheet metal seal it and screw it in. Job done. The other way you have to drop the tank from underneath. Much bigger job, and more problems. Good luck.