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No, the starter solenoid is not the problem if it won't start by pushing it. Check fuses and relays first then check to make sure you have fuel and fuel pressure. Make sure you have spark at the plugs. It's more than likely it's a fuel or ignition problem.

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Q: Could the starter solenoid cause your 1992 Eclipse 5 speed with a 1.8 not to start even when push starting?
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What could be wrong with your starter if the car is not starting up?

Bad starter, bad starter solenoid, or the problem might not be the starter at all.

Why wont starter engage all the time when i turn on the key on a 96 pa?

Could possibly a solenoid on the starter going bad. Could possibly a solenoid on the starter going bad. Could possibly a solenoid on the starter going bad.

Starting problems with the Casadia Freightliner?

Could be a starter solenoid going bad, it could be ECM problems, it could be a number of things.

Why wont a 97 eclipse gst start if the battery and starter is good what could the problem be?

Check the 97 Eclipse starter solenoid. Also check the wiring for any loose connections. Since the battery and starter are goor, these are the two most likely problem spots.

1972 Mustang won't start after the starter solenoid has been changed it doesn't click when the ignition is turned what could be wrong with it?

Solenoid could be installed incorrectly. Could be electrical connection on the solenoid. Did you re-connect the battery? Could be a bad starter motor...or a stuck starter motor. Sometimes a light tap or two on the starter motor (not the solenoid) with a hammer will free it up.

What would cause starting problems in a Mitsubishi eclipse GST 1995 after replacing the starter?

Starting problems in a Mitsubishi Eclipse GST 1995 could be caused by a weak battery or an alternator that does not charge. You might also have gotten a bad starter when you replaced that one.

What are the parts of a starter in a 1994 ford escort lx?

The main parts are the starter motor, starter drive gear and starter solenoid. Look up '94 Ford Escort LX in the parts catalog and look under Electrical to see photos of the starter and its parts. Make sure the voltage from the ignition key wire to the solenoid is > 3 volts before replacing the starter. If a low voltage is coming into the solenoid then a new starter and solenoid will not fix the starting problem and the new solenoid could be damaged. Look up '94 Ford Escort LX in the i am sure you will get there

Why is the 1996 ford bronco not starting?

It could be a bad battery connection, too battery acid could have built up on the terminals. It could be a dead battery. It could also be frayed battery cable, a bad starter, ignition, or starter solenoid.

1993 E350 and you have replaced the starter solenoid the starter and the battery and the starter will not disengage after starting What could cause this?

Most commonly, it's the starter or the starter was wired wrong when it was installed. More rarely, it can also be the keyswitch or even a bad gear on the flex-plate.

Clicking and will not start?

Could be the battery is drained or bad. Could be battery connections at battery and or starter are dirty and or loose. Could be starter solenoid is bad. Could be starter is bad.

What could be the problem when you hear the solenoid click but nothing else happens?

You need to replace the starter solenoid .

What is the reason when starting vehicle and only clicking sound is heard?

Could be, a dead or run down battery, a loose or dirty battery cable connection, a bad starter, in addition to above could also be a bad starter solenoid

What do you do when you change the battery in 2003 dodge grand caravan and still not turn on?

It could be your starter, or your starter solenoid.

Battery works starter will not turn Is it the starter?

That is not anywhere near enough information to make a determination about the status of the starter. Could be the starter, but could be the starter solenoid, wiring problems or even the ignition switch.

Pontiac starter disengages before engine starts?

Sounds like it could be a weak starter drive or a weak starter solenoid

Is it best to get a new starter instead of getting a new solenoid of a 1998 S10 Chevy?

Typically, when the solenoid fails the starter is right behind. If you know how you could replace the solenoid, put in brushes and bushings and the starter MIGHT be ok if nothing bad has happened to the armature.

Your 94 Ford escort lx 1.9l wont start but all the lights on dash and radio come on is your starter out or if not what could be wrong?

Yes, a bad starter or starter solenoid can be the reason for a car not starting but all the lights coming on. It could be a battery going bad or being drained.

What could cause a 2001 Dodge Intrepid to click when trying to start?

the solenoid on your starter is finished, replace the starter......

Why won't my truck 1995 Nissan XE start I press on the clutch- the electrical systems go on but no engine starting Same as if I don't step on the clutch Help?

Could be a bad starter or starter solenoid

Why would the ignition starter fuse in a 2002 grand am blow when you start the car?

what size fuse is it it would need to be a 30 amp fuse for the starter solenoid after that your starter solenoid could be shorting if you take the wire that comes from the key off the starter (normally the small wire on its own going onto the solenoid on top of the starter)then turn the key same as if you were starting the engine if the fuse doesn't blow then you need a new solenoid for the starter or a new starter if the price is right if the fuse does blow with the wire off the solenoid then you have a short in the wiring loom check the loom for break or cracks there is a good chance the wire is after wearing against the engine somewhere if this is the case tape it over and tie it back from the engine

Why is your 1990 mercury topaz making a loud clicking noise when you try to start it And not starting?

Check for a weak or dead battery Check for loose or corroded battery cables Could be a seized engine Could be a bad starter or bad starter solenoid

How do you know if a starter or starter solenoid is bad in a 91 ford F-150?

If it is the solenoid just take a small jumper wire and jump out the two small terminals on the front of the solenoid and the starter should try to start the engine. If nothing happens then it is bad. Or you could take a volt meter and go from ground to the starter side of the solenoid and get some one to take the key and try to start it ,if you get 12volts and the starter doesn't try to engage then your starter is bad ,if you don't get 12volts then your solenoid is bad.

Where is the solenoid located under the hood of a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron as it will not start we have replaced the battery and starter and could it need a new solenoid and where is that located?

may be on top of the starter and replaced with same. Follow the + battery cable it will connect to the solenoid

Why will a 91 Lincoln Town Car start with a screwdriver touching the solenoid but not with the key manually?

Not to bash on the last answer, but, the starter solenoid probably isn't at fault here. If it will start with the screwdriver then the starter solenoid is functioning. It either does or it doesnt. The answer lies in circuitry back from the solenoid to the ignition switch. You could have a bad ignition switch or neutral/safety switch.AnswerDefective starter solenoid.

Truck not starting just making clicking sounds. the starter has been changed but it still wont start what could the problem be?

Dead or weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Defective starter solenoid?