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No, it is not of Irish origin. It is mostly an English surname, but occassionally a Scottish surname as well.

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Q: Could the surname bass be Irish?
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What is the origin of the surname Rhook?

The surname Rhook is an Australian surname, but could be of Irish origin. It is a variant spelling of surname Rook, an English surname.This surname Rook is also established in Ireland, perhaps the same derivative as the English origin, or perhaps a variant of Irish surname Rock.There are many Irish surnames that has a "Rh" in their surname. For example, the common Irish surnames Rhyan, a variant spelling of Ryan, and Irish surname Rhatigan, a variant spelling of Ratigan. This could apply to the surname Rhook, a variant spelling of Rook, meaning the name could be of Irish origin.For more information about the surname Rook, see related links below.

Is Delanie an Irish name?

there is an Irish surname - Delaney, which is pronounced the same - so it could be related

What is the origin ethnicity and or country of origin of the surname lamb?

This surname Lamb could be of English, Irish, or French origin.

What does the surname Bailey mean in Irish?

It doesn't have an Irish meaning as it is an English surname.

What is the most common Irish surname?

The most common Irish surname is Murphy.

Could the surname Kidwell be Irish?

It appears to be from the Moors of Wales, Dyfed county.

How does native American end up with surname of probable Irish origin?

A Native American could end up with a European surname if at some point one of their female ancestors married a European (oftentimes a French/Irish fur trader.) A Native American with an Irish surname probably has some Irish ancestry.

Is the Wisdom surname Irish?

As far as I can tell it is not a strictly Irish surname. But it does come from the the British Isle.

Is turnbull an Irish surname?

Probably English or Scottish. It most certainly is not a reecognised Irish Surname

Is Shapiro an Irish surname?

It's a Jewish surname.

What is the surname Bindon translated in Irish?

No Irish form of the surname Bindon. It is an English name common in Somerset.

Is Makenna a Irish name?

MacKenna is an Irish surname.

Is Richardson an Irish surname?

Yes it has an Irish source.

Where does the surname Herley originate?

The surname Hurley is of English and Irish origin. Hurley derived from the Irish name, O'Huirthile and is a very common surname in Ireland.

What is the origin of the surname O'Brien?

O'Brien is an Irish surname and it comes from the name of Brian however the meaning could from from either bran which could mean raven or it could also from from Brion which could mean hill or high place.

What is the nationality of the surname Kerr?

It's an Irish and Scottish surname.

Where does the surname Reavey originate?

The surname Reavey is an Irish name.

What is the origin of surname Moran?

The surname Moran is Irish in origin.

Is Shale an Irish surname?

It is a surname of English origin (Norfolk).

Where does the Doyle surname come from?

Doyle is a surname of Irish origin.

Is nightingale an Irish surname?


Is the surname bangs Irish?


Is rachell an Irish surname?


Is haase an Irish surname?


What is Irish translation for the surname Bradshaw?

Bradshaw has no Irish translation