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Could the thermostat cause a 1996 Chevy blazer blow cold air and over heat?

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2015-07-15 20:48:05
2015-07-15 20:48:05

My 1997 Chev Blazer actually just did the same thing 12/9 and on 12/10 the service engine soon light came on. I went to Auto Zone. The ran a check on it and sold me a Temperature Sensor Part # SU109 which cost me about $9.50. I haven't put it on yet because I'm not sure where it goes. !

I Have a 1998 Chevy S-10 Blazer and the Temperature Sensor goes on next to the right valve cover, just follow your heater hoses from the heater core and you will see.

Sure could!!! water stays in engine gets too hot when thermostat sticks shut and doesn't allow hot water to circ. through heater core.... no heat!!

Absolutely, I just had to replace mine as well...if it gets stuck closed it's best to repair it asap because that can do major damage to your engine via overheating. If you need help on how to install it check out the video tutorials by Expert Village here: -The gentleman in the video is working on a 91 Ford Explorer but you should be able to get the just of it as he explains what you may see on other models as well. !

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Yes it could and so could a stuck open thermostat or a plugged heater core or a faulty temperature blend door actuator.

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A front popping on the left of a 98 Blazer could be the brakes, steering, or wheel bearing. Check all three to find the cause.

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Could be several reasons, need to know aprox where it is leaking from.

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