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Europa is the fourth largest moon of Jupiter. Scientists think that life may exist on Europa because there is evidence that liquid water may exist beneath its icy surface. Europa is pushed and pulled by the high gravity of Jupiter as well as by the gravity of Jupiter's other moons. This makes Europa expand and contract and causes it to heat up and this heat may cause some of Euorpa's icy crust to melt under the surface. So, there may be lakes and oceans of liquid water on Europa. Water is a major requirement for life. If there is liquid water on Europa, there may be life.

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Obviously not, Europa is a moon, not a star.

no it does not. But some of jupiters moons do.

It was sent into Jupiters atmosphere due to the possibility of an ocean beneath the icy crust of jupiters moon europa. Galileo could potentially be carrying bacteria that could be harmful to europa, so was destroyed to protect it.

It is one of Jupiters moons, the sixth closest and the smallest of jupiters four main moons.

Europa has ice on it and it is hypothesized that there is an ocean of water below the ice.Some have suggested that there is life on Europa. The Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) has been proposed to investigate this and other aspects in a 2020 launch.

Europa - WaterIO - Most volcanically active body in the Solar System

we don't know sciencetist are still searching for life but there might be life on jupiters moon europa and saturns moon titan might have life on them but we don't really know that's are best answer we can give you

Jupiters moon, Europa, is special as it is thought to have a huge layer of water under its crust. This water may be able to support simple life forms if the conditions are right.

Jupiters 4 moons are called Ganymede,Io,Callisto,and Europa.

it is far 580 miles away from jupiter

4.56 billion years old, but it's surface is younger.

Europa Jupiter's moon could have life because it has large amounts of water........:)

Yes, it's known that there is water on Europa. The real question is what temperature it is. The surface temperature is below freezing, but subsurface temperatures could be (and in fact almost certainly are) substantially warmer.

Europa shows signs of having a saline environment, which could be amenable to life.

At the moment, none. In the future, when we some some evidence, I'm sure this answer will be updated. 2nd Answer: Although we do not know if there is life on the moon Europa, most scientists agree that life could arise and exist deep in Europa's ocean near thermal (heat) vents in the ocean's floor.

Finally, a question that makes sense. It is often said that europa has water under its surface. This could create life that would be adapted to cold and high radiation. Also, under the surface where there would be no light, life could thrive on hot water jets, or so called, 'Black Smokers.' (not trying to make racial reference!)

By Mars's 3'd moon, not joking if you're an Astronomist this question is a piece of cake.

No Europa is the six closest moon on jupiter. there is not life on it.

Europa is one of Jupiters moons. Jupiter has many moons, but Europa is one of the four large moons that was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei (and possibly independently by Simon Marius around the same time).

Scientists belive that Europa has a layer of water beneth is icy crust, which could potentially harbour simple life forms.

Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.

No. The only object other than Earth that shows evidence of processes similar to plate tetonics is Jupiters 4th largest moon, Europa.

Europa's atmosphere is very thin and some say it is too small to have an atmosphere, but that's not true. Europa is only slightly smaller than the moon. The atmosphere on Europa has oxygen in it so scientists are trying to discover if there could be life on Europa some day.

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