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Yes, this situation could have something to do with the alternator. It could also have something to do with the solenoid, and the spark plugs as well.

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Why is the battery light staying on my peugot 406 when i am driving Goes brighter at higher speeds?

It is on because there is a problem with the charging system. Most likely the alternator is defective.

When Traveling at the high speeds requires what?


Why does your battery gauge go down when braking and car shuts off and blinker also makes a different faster noise?

Suspect low battery reserve (almost dead), alternator may not be recharging battery either due to low battery level insuffucient to energize alternator field windings or alternator/wire fault probable causing low battery in first place. Battery volt meter drops because alternator not recharging, Flasher speeds up when load drops through flasher, engine stalls because insufficent reserve on battery to run engine electronics. If battery ok to start motor: then suspect fault/connection in power wire to engine bay electronics or alternator. initial starting point from my diagnostic point of view

How can we know that people traveling at or close to the speed of light will not age as fast as someone not traveling at such speeds when we have no means of reaching such speeds?

Einsteins theory of relativity

Your 1988 MB 190e Euro specs stalls with no warning It has stalled at different speeds anywhere from 15mph to 100mph and does not backfire or sputter It is not an alternator problem Help please?

could be a bad battery wire

What do mach speeds have to do with sound?

When something is traveling at the speed of sound, 343 m/s, it is said to be traveling at mach 1. When traveling at twice the speed of sound it is traveling at mach 2 and so on., 'The World's Encyclopedia' has an entire article on Mack Number. Refer to the related link in the Related Links section below.

Why would the battery light go on and off intermittently on your car?

bad connection to the battery just replace the connecters and tighten them down and whala Have the alternator checked, the voltage regulator could be going bad. Also check your belts, If they have some age to them they could be sliping at differant speeds.

Why does a canvas car roof bulge out when traveling at high speeds?

due to the preasure

Why would a 1989 Chevy Celebrity stall after a new battery and alternator is installed?

The engine control module "learns" how to set the idle speed. When you disconnect the battery the engine control module loses that memory and it has to be reset. To regain the setting drive the car for several miles at moderate speeds and it is reset.

Two cars are each traveling at 72 km h one car is traveling northeast and the other is traveling south the two cars have different a velocities b speeds?


How many hours to Oklahoma City to san antonio?

The distance is 407.66 miles, time frame is roughly 6.27 hours traveling at speeds of 65 miles an hour, and 5.44 hours when traveling at speeds of 75 miles an hour.

Do types of electromagnetic waves differ in their speeds?

No. As long as radio, light, and X-rays are all traveling through the same stuff, their speeds are the same.

When traveling towards a planet at extremely high speeds you will see time at what speed?


If the bending of a wave entering a new medium occurs because the two sides of the wave are traveling at different?

Because the mediums are Traveling at different speeds.

Why do the lights on your 1993 Honda ct70 dim at idle speeds?

They dim at idle speed because the headlight is run off of the stator, not the battery. At lower engine speed, the rotor is spinning slower and therefore generating less electricity. Most vehicles run the lights off of the battery, and all of the charge out of the generator or alternator recharges the battery, but not the CT70. The tail lights and some accessory lights run off the battery on the ct70.

What causes an ampmeter to register discharge when the engine is accelerated?

It is possible that there is more than one reason for the symptoms you describe. However, this problem is fairly common and can be caused by the fact that the belt driving the alternator maintains a decent grip at "normal" rpm [revoultions per minute], but begins to slip as the engine is accelerated. Under the right conditions, the slippage will result in the rpm of the alternator reducing to almost nothing, which results in the electrical output being reduced by a relative amount, and if the slip should result in the alternator comming to a full stop, then there would be no electrical output. Check the alternator drive belt and pulley[s] for signs of "glazing", polishing, slippage, and for proper tension adjustment. Good luck. generally this indicates that the alternator neds repairing Answer 2 hardly ever is correct. IF the alternator is working normally at normal speeds and engine rpms, then that means the alternator is working, and does not need repair. answer 3 is wrong the alternator and battery make up the echarching circuit in a vehicle.with a bad alternator the car can run at idle. when revved up a bad alternator does not supply enough current to run a vehicle and charge a battery when the battery is low,especially in the new vehicles full of electronic crap, the alternator wont keep up with the demand, thereby draining the battery. then the car dies

What causes the torque converter to lock and unlock at low speeds on my 1999 dodge diesel truck?

Normal cause is electrical noise in the APPS circuit, dirty battery cables, dirty ground locations, and bad alternator brushes can all be the cause.

How does Traveling at high speeds effect your vehicle?

It causes the vehicle to arrive at its destination in less time.

What do jet pilots and astronauts where to protect them from high speeds?

They are traveling inside an airplane or space vehicle . . .

What is it when called when something speeds up?

It accelerates.

What causes a car to squeal when the squealing does not start until you accelerate and then the sound speeds up as you drive faster and then it goes away after driving on the highway for 15 minutes?

A worn alternator belt, loose alternator belt or bad alternator belt tensioner.

What speeds up the neural message traveling down the axon?

The Myelin Sheath that surrounds the axon insulates the axon but also increases the speed of the message traveling down it.

Is it theoretically possible to build an electric vehicle that has a wind turbine to recharge the battery as it is moving forward at highway speeds?

Yes, but the energy to do it is not free - your gas mileage goes down, etc. Since your car already has an alternator that provides the electric power during operation and recharges the battery (at any speed), I think this is a problem you don't need to fix.

How can two cars have equal and opposite momentum if travelling at differen speeds?

Different weights and traveling in opposite directions.

What are signs of a bad battery?

There could be several signs that a battery is bad [failing or failed]. * It is dead, has no ability to provide power * Decreased or reduced speeds of motors attached to the battery * Intermittent operation of devices powered by the battery * The battery will not "take," or hold a charge.