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A varicocele is an enlarged (varicose) vein in the cord that connects to the testicle. Varicoceles are found in 15% to 20% of all men and in 25% to 40% of infertile men. When varicoceles occur in both testicles, they may contribute to hormone imbalances that cause erectile dysfunction.

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If you stop stressing will erectile dysfunction go away?

It would depend on why you have erectile dysfunction in the first place. One of the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction in an otherwise healthy man is stress, so if that is your problem, then it could very possibly help to reduce your stress level.

Should you see a urologist if you have erectile dysfunction?

No, you do not need to see a urologist. If you have erectile dysfunction and you are worried about it, you can either see your regular primary care doctor or you could see a doctor who specializes in reproductive medicine.

Why would a man not be able to get a full erection?

Because of erectile dysfunction men cannot get full erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the incapability to obtain or stay an erection solid sufficient to have sexual intercourse. It is also occasionally also referred to as impotence. To overcome the erectile dysfunction start using generic Viagra medicine to cure ED in men's. What is erectile dysfunction

Could a mixture of regitine and papavarine hcl be used to treat erectile dysfunction by direct injection to corpus cavernosum?


Can a man with erectile dysfunction impregnate a woman?

Erectile dysfunction could cover more than one type of problem with the male genitalia. It usually refers to the inability to maintain or even achieve an erect penis for sexual intercourse. However , it is not the erection that impregnates but sperm. If there is any insertion of the penis into the vagina during intercourse then the possibility of pregnancy exists. A man with erectile dysfunction may still be capable of producing sperm.

Is sucking of men's breast danger for health?

Yes. The sucking of a man's breast had been linked to such health problems and erectile dysfunction, penile hemmorage (penis blood) and having too much sex. Please do not suck on a man's boobs. It could cause death.

What are some causes of erections problems?

One cause of erection problems could be erectile dysfunction. One can get checked for this by contacting their doctor. It is very treatable with medication.

Different Erectile Dysfunction Remedies?

Erectile dysfunction remedies have become a ubiquitous part of culture over the past decade. Thanks to the popularity of certain erectile dysfunction pills, there has been a resurgence of dialogue surrounding these remedies. One of the most important conversations surrounding erectile dysfunction remedies is that of their efficacy. Not all erectile dysfunction remedies are created equal, and some are more effective than others. It's important to have a good understanding of what your options are if you're interested in pursuing one of these remedies. As with any other health remedy, it's important to talk with a qualified physician before making any decisions regarding your health. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man's penis to become erect even when placed under extreme sexual stimulation. There is some argument over whether this is generally a physical condition or a mental condition. However, there is no argument over the hormones required to stimulate an erection in men. Common erectile dysfunction remedies use this knowledge to help circumvent the dysfunction and help to facilitate an erection. These remedies have become so commonly used now that many are covered under standard healthcare plans. There are generally two different types of erectile dysfunction remedies for you to choose from. First, there are herbal remedies devised from using natural medicine. Second, there are pharmacological remedies designed in labs to either contain or stimulate the production of specific hormones. These two methods both have their own supporters and detractors, both of whom claim their remedy is more effective. Studies have shown that there is some merit to the potential of herbal supplements in combating erectile dysfunction. In some cases, erectile dysfunction could be caused by a poor diet and a subsequent lack of essential nutrients. In other cases, it has been shown that some natural herbs do stimulate the production of certain hormones in the body. However, it should be noted that herbal supplements have not been cleared by the FDA to be called "medicine." Pharmacological remedies are also commonly used. These remedies usually come in the form of a pill and are designed to stimulate hormone production in the male brain. These remedies have mounds of documentation that prove they work. However, they also come with a number of potential side effects that herbal remedies may not come with. Combating erectile dysfunction is a complex process. Speaking with your doctor about your potential options is an important first step in fighting back against erectile dysfunction.

Could a man be cheating if he loses erection right in the middle of sex?

Not necessarily. He could be having erectile dysfunction (treatable in most cases) , maybe something turned him off at that moment that he just could not perform, he may not be attracted to you or he could be stressed out with things that are going on in his life.

How are the lives of diabetic and non diabetic the same?

People that have diabetes sometimes do not know that they have it, therefore their lives could be the same. Some men who suffer from diabetes are also more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Can you get pregnant if your husband has erectile dysfunction?

It is possible for a man to orgasm without an erection. If he was in you at all, or even just had the tip of his penis rub against your vagina, or if any sperm from him came into contact with your vagina, then you could get pregnant.

Why does a man get soft during intercourse?

One of the terms that could describe this condition is Erectile Dysfunction, also commonly called "ED". I could be because hes not adequately aroused, engaged or a myriad of other reasons. Could be age related, older men often have a hard time getting or maintaining an erection. It could be hormonal, he might have low Testosterone, high estrogen, thyroid issues, High blood pressure or diabetes, even many very common prescription medications can cause ED all or any of those can be contributing factors to Erectile Dysfunction.

Does it take longer for circumcised men to become erect?

No, it does not. However there is a very small percentage of men with problems resulting from circumcision due to mistakes during the initial procedure which could include erectile dysfunction. This is very rare.

Are there any diseases which could result in the decrease of your penis size?

Youre penis cant decrease in size unless if you try to give yourself erectile dysfunction by masturbating too much all the time..which i dont recommend.

Name something that could be varicose?

Veins can be varicrose.

Is it harder for a man with diabetes to get a woman pregnant?

In men diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction, which in a sense will make it more difficult to get a women pregnant. However there are no other reasons directly associated with diabetes that could cause difficulties with pregnancy.

What types of supplements can someone with erectile dysfunction take?

Yes the ability to get and maintain an erection dimminishes as men get older or could be due to medication or other influence. For a natural treatment, professionals recommend taking Asian ginsing and/or gingko balboa.

How does a marriage survive after a husband has lied to his wife about his erectile dysfunction before marriage?

Although this is a difficult issue remember your husband could not have had erectile dysfunction when you were dating him or engaged or you may not have married him. Certain diseases such as strokes; heart attacks and certainly diabetes can lower the libido of men as can some medications. Males have a difficult time dealing with erectile dysfunction and feel less of a man because of it. Get your mind straight and out of the box of feeling that your husband has lied to you. Your husband may have not understood what his problems were and thought his problem would go away if he was with someone he loved. Men have a difficult time seeking help for such problems and find it extremely embarrassing to see a doctor. However, it is up to you to love him enough to be patient; stop blaming him for lying and see your family physician because there are medications to help this problem.

Does erectile dysfunction occurs in physically active men?

It certainly can. It has to do with several factors - testosterone levels can be low, blood vessels can be partially blocked do to various causes, etc. Physical activity could stave off or slow the process but may not prevent it. See your doctor.

What can you do if you cannot get an erection?

For a male who cannot get an erection it is very frustrating not to mention embarrassing. Not being able to get an erection can be because of many factors, to include tiredness, stress, illness and not being physically turned on. However, it could also be due to a medical condition such as erectile dysfunction.

What are some treatments for erectile dysfunction?

The most common treatments include taking sildenafil which is more commonly known as Viagra or tadalafil which is more commonly known as Cialas. Other treatments could be as simple as losing weight or as complex as psychotherapy. The best solution is to see your doctor.

What causes varicose veins and how do I get rid of them?

I think those varicose veins are like blood vechiles which go on your legs. I don't know that causes of them. But webmd, a website would or could know that.

How old are you when you cant have an erection?

Boys can get an erection at any age. This continues all your life even into old age. There are times when you may not be able to get one. This could be because you are very drunk or drugged. You may have a psychological disorder which causes erectile dysfunction. This is quite common. It has nothing to do with age though.

What causes men to stop having erections?

Erectile dysfunction if I may call it happens for a number of reasons really. Could be anything from mental or physical stress, emotional disturbances either from a past relationship or perhaps the man has a some medical issues that he needs to have attended by the doctor. Better to get checked.

When you were 48 years old i found bloody sperm disposal from your peniss and after that your organ gets weaker until now what shall you do you want your sex life back yo normal?

Bloody sperm and erectile dysfunction could mean an STD or prostate issue. I strongly urge you to seek the advice of a physician.