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the best way is go to your ob/gyn doctor to see.... its been two month... you can be pregnant but to make sure you should see your doctor to confirm it... i heard you can't test after a month cuz you get a positive result but its been two month most likely you are--best wishes to you

AnswerYes you could be pregnant. You need to see your doctor for a ultrasound and confirmation of the pregnancy. Its also possible you may of been carrying twins and miscarried one of the babies but the other one survived. Only a ultrasound scan can confirm or rule this out though. COngratulations.

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yes you can I miscarried the 27th of July and was pregnant by the 10th of august and had my daughter April of 2007.

Either you had the infection prior to becoming pregnant, or your husband infected you.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!with my 1st child i miscarried and went to the doctor 6 weeks later for a regular checkup, only to find out that i was 3 months pregnant.....i was pregnant with twins and miscarried one but not the other! the doctor failed to tell me that when i miscarried. so it is very possible!

you could easily be pregnant, but if your on your period, your probably not. give it a week or so and test again

Yes you could be. It's possible to have a period during pregnancy. It's also possible that you've miscarried. See a doctor.

it is very possible you need to see your doctor. My cousin did not know she was pregnant until 5 months in because she was having periods! go see your doctor. it is also possible you could have miscarried

7 say pregnant and 2 say not pregnant. How often are you taking this test. How far in between were the last positive and the first negative. You would probably still test positive for a while after a miscarriage so I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. You need to get a blood test done so you can rest your mind. That way you'll be sure.

It could be that you are pregnant, although more likely that you were pregnant and then miscarried. Do a pregnancy test and if positive, see your Dr.

oh yes.. a positive test is a positive test. I wonder if they tested before you started the Provera.. you are pregnant, the question is.. how far pregnant. The OB/GYN will most likely order an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. ~pawsalmighty

Spotting could represent a side effect of NuvaRing or an STD. If your'e at risk for STDs, get tested. Signs of pregnancy are missing period and positive pregnancy test.

Depends on what you're being tested for. If you are an athlete being tested for certain hormones (steroids), then theoretically it could be plausible that you could get false positive. Concerning "recreational drugs" the answer is NO.

No. It can take 8 or more weeks to get your period back after a miscarriage.

No, the positive result comes from a particular hormone that is only present when pregnant. It is nearly impossible to get a false positive. However you should stop taking the metronidazole until you see a doctor.

Contact your physician. If you are pregnant again your body could be low in progesterone and the doctor can help you. I'm sorry about your loss. Work closely w/your physician and she/he will help you have a positive pregnancy if that is what you choose.

Home pregnancy tests work by the detection of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in a the test subjects urine. If you test positive from a pregnancy test you are most likely pregnant (they are over 97% accurate). However, there is a low false positive rate and that could be the case in this instance. If it has been more than 14 days since you had the sexual intercourse that you want to see made you pregnant then simply take another test, or see your doctor for a blood test. In the event the second test shows you are not pregnant you could have simply not been pregnant and had a false positive, or miscarried a very early pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant, miscarriage of a pregnancy isn't uncommon, and while it is discouraging it does not mean you will continue to have problems getting and staying pregnant. Talk about this with your physician, if you are worried or concerned about it. If you are not wanting to be pregnant and you don't know what to do to prevent an unwanted pregnancy your health professional can advise you on that as well.

Even a faint positive is a positive. And false positives are very rare. You are pregnant.

A positive test means your pregnant. If your period is red then this could be a miscarriage. Go to ER now.

That "heavy period" could have been implantation bleeding if you have tested positive for pregnancy. I would suggest taking another test to confirm.

Answeryes it could just be that your hormone levels were low when you took the last test. But to have 4 positive and one negative! Your pregnant!hi you might actually be pregnant but if you tested to early you could have detected a chemical pregnancy and that means the egg and sperm fertilized but it did not implant that is why they say to wait tell you have missed your pd. but good luck I'm praying for you

There is the possibility of becoming pregnant in that situation. You should get tested to verify.

Paranoid? It's possible. Slightly. As is the impending Martian invasion.

Yes you can be, but could be experiencing a spontaneous abortion. Sometimes there is a problem and the body will abort it.

Yes, you could be. Take it again in a few days to be sure, also, take it first thing in the morning when your hormones have the strongest concentration. First answer is correct. the pregnancy test tests for a hormone usually only found in women if they are pregnant or have recently miscarried. If you have recently had a miscarriage, there could be some residual HCG.

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