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i would take a pregnancy test ASAP.

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Can girls get periods while being pregnant?

NOAnother AnswerThere may, however, be spotting during pregnancy.

Enlarge breast late periods no pain in nipples could you be pregnant?

late periods is not the sign of pregnancy but no period is. enlarged breast are signs seen before periods.

I am spotting while on Implanon could I be pregnant?

Spotting is a common side effect with contraceptive implants. Signs of pregnancy are absent periods and positive pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if you are on Mirena and have been spotting but not getting a normal period?

Mirena is used to treat heavy periods as well as for contraception, so if your periods were normal it may reduce them to spotting. If in doubt take a pregnancy test.

How do u know if your pregnant-?

You know you are pregnant if you experience the following early symptoms;breast changes,fatigue and Spotting and Cramping. Above all if you miss your periods it means you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have experienced 'spotting' between periods?

It's called spotting, and you're probably not pregnant but you should consult a physician if you think you are. Using protection guards against unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted disease, both of which can change your life forever.

Can you have two periods nearly two months apart when pregnant?

While it is rare, some women do continue to have periods (I know a couple). Most likely is is heavy spotting due to being pregnant. That is much more common.

What does spotting between periods mean?

When spotting occurs between menstrual periods, there can be many causes. Spotting can occur due to hormonal changes, birth control, or implantation bleeding of pregnancy.

Can you bleed when your four months pregnant?

Yes many women have periods during pregnancy and some see spotting. If you are unsure, ask your OBGYN.

What are periods like when your pregnant?

You will not have a period while you are pregnant. However, you may have light bleeding when you first conceive called implantation spotting, and some women do bleed a bit each month.

Could you be pregnant if you have spotting last month instead of having regular periods but urine test come out to be negative?

You are very possible to be pregnant. The best thing to do is go get a blood test, urine tests are not 100% right, blood tests are. Plus if you are pregnant, it would be best for the doctor to know and see why there was blood spotting.

Can malnutrition cause spotting between periods even if you are on birth control?

Being on the pill can cause spotting between periods, called breakthrough bleeding.

Missed periods for two days brownish spotting cramps?

are you pregnant ? if not then that could be something totaly diffrent, due to stress or nervousness. but there is a slim chance.

Could you be pregnant if you were 3 days late and then you got light bleeding and normal cramps?

Most women don't have periods that start and stop on an exact calendar, so 3 days late doesn't indicate anything. If a girl gets her period 3 days late and accompanied with normal cramping, most likely she is not pregnant. However, there have been numerous cases of women being pregnant and having light to normal periods or spotting throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, if you feel you might be pregnant, do a pregnancy test or see a doctor and find out for sure.

Can i still be pregnant if i had spotting and a burst of heavy bleeding?

yes maybe some women have periods while pregnant. I had Implantation bleeding which was a spot of blood 2 weeks later got my period don't know if I'm pregnant or not.

Do long periods mean your pregnant?

No. If you are having periods, you are not pregnant.

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