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Hello. Based on what you said, you could be pregnant yes.

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2006-06-18 20:34:27
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Q: Could you be pregnant if this month when you were supposed to have your period you experienced a light brown to pink spotting for 5 days and there was not enough to wear a pad or a tampon?
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Is spotting at 4-5 weeks pregnant normal?

Well im 7 weeks pregnant and at 5 weeks i started spotting that's how i found out i was pregnant! If its not enough blood to use a pad then i believe you should be ok. Hope that helps

Very light pink spotting when i wipe ..nothing enough for a pad. Not due for period for another 2 weeks.Whats going on?

It can be just from ovulation. However, if your periods are irregular, it can be a sign of implantation and you are pregnant if sexually active. Spotting before a period was due was my first sign that I was pregnant.

If youre lightly bleeding but it isn't heavy enough to be your period and you might be pregnant could that declare that your are pregnant?

No. It can't tell you if your pregnant. It could be anything. The best way to find out is to get a pregnancy test and try it out. If it says negative and yet your still spotting try to see a doctor.

Can you have period pains and a period in early stages of pregnancy?

If you know you are pregnant, then "period pains" and "a period" are actually pregnancy related pains and spotting/bleeding that needs to be evaluated by a doctor asap! If you just suspect you are pregnant then, yes, those symptoms can be experienced in early pregnancy and everything could be just fine. You need to take a pregnancy test as soon as you calculate that is has been long enough for accurate results. Good Luck!!!

Is it possible to have a pregnancy test say negative but still no period but spotting has accrued and still be pregnant?

yes it is. your hcg hormone level may not be high enough. you may need a blood test done

Is the spotting the first day of your period?

No, spotting is not the first day of your period, it is when you have enough blood to wear a pad or tampon. I know because I asked my doctor about this.

How do you tell if a miniature dachshund is pregnant?

The best thing to do is to bring her into your vet. If you aren't experienced enough to palpate her yourself (and judging from this question, you aren't) the safest and surest thing to do is to have a vet examine her.

Can guys do rebonding?

Why not? As long as he studied and has experienced enough to do it.

How old are you supposed to date?

when you think your old enough and mature enough

If you think your pregnant can you use tampons?

It's biologically impossible to menstruate while pregnant - if you're seeing vaginal bleeding heavy enough to require a tampon then either you're not pregnant or you're miscarrying. If you are pregnant and see bleeding you should seek medical attention.If you're experiencing spotting during pregnancy tampons cannot be used, just like any other time it's not safe to use tampons with spotting, light flow, or when not menstruating. Using tampons during this time increases risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

You haven't had your period in 3 months you took 5 home pregnancy tests and they all came back not pregnant This month you have been spotting not enough to be your period but enough What is going on?

You should go see your doctor. Stress can cause you to miss a period, but three months is a little extreme.

When to start taking folic acid on pregnancy?

Actually youre supposed to start folic acid before you fall pregnant to allow it enough time to get into your body and continue till 13weeks.

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