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The spotting was break through bleeding because you missed the pill for 4 days. Because you missed the pill you did put yourself at risk of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant.

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If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

You could be pregnant. You need to go to the doctor. If you are not pregnant, there coud be another problem.

my period was late 2 days then i had a normal period could you be pregnant yes or no

you could be but it could also be late

You could be pregnant. Or your body could just be changing causing your period to be missed.

If your period is late or you have missed a period, then yes you could still be pregnant.

Your question is a bit confusing. If you have missed a period, then you could be pregnant. Perform a pregnancy test :-)

You could possibly be pregnant if you have missed a period, have nausea and tender breasts.

spotted is a pregnancy sign go take a pregnancy test and find out

You might be pregnant. Or it could be another hormonal change.

If your period is irregular it could miss a couple of months but if it is regular it should not unless you are pregnant

If you have not missed your period and the pregnancy test is negative, then I would believe you are not pregnant.

If you miss your period there are hundreds of reasons why you could have missed it. Pregnancy is just one of the many.

The missed period could mean you were pregnant and now for some reason are loosing it. Go to the doctor.

In some cases when you are first pregnant you can still menstrate but I don't know how common that is.

You give very little info here so it is hard to answer this question. If you have missed a period for a month or more it is possible you are pregnant. If you haven't missed one yet you could be/or not. When you have missed a period go get a over the counter test and see if it shows you pregnant. These are not real accurate, but they will get you over wondering if you could be/or not. Next, go to the doctor.

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