Spotting While Pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you are 4 days late and have been spotting brown for 9 days?


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Well there is a possibilty that you might be pregnant. Same thing is happening to me. I spotted one week before my period, then it stopped and now I am 6 days late. I went to the clinic to talk to a specialist and she told me that I could be pregnant so she gave me a pregnancy test it came out negative, then she told me that I wasnt pregnant YET. She also told me It could be stress related, and something about my hormones. She told me If I dont get my period in a month go back for another test.You should take a pregnancy test, and if it comes out negative wait a couple of weeks and take another one.thats what Im going to do. Good Luck!


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You need a pregnancy test to know if you are pregnant. Spotting brown is simply old blood and not a determining factor of pregnancy. Answer: It could just be your period

im 16 and i was supposed to start my period a couple weeks ago and i never did now i am spotting brown blood i was wondering if anyone could tell me what that means

most likely that you are pregnant, there could be other reasons. if you are pregnant and spotting, i would get to a doctor right away. it could mean infection or miscarriage

Have you been having sex? You could be pregnant. If your period is late, you should test.

Take a pregnancy test to find out. Back pain is not the chief symptom of pregnancy, and brown spotting can be normal with the IUD.

Yes you can It Happened to me No, you probably are not pregnant. This is just one of those odd periods one gets once in awhile.

Probably not. Spotting is normal, heavy bleeding like a period is not. If you are worried, you should see your doctor for peace of mind.

Hiya! This could be break through bleeding or you may be pregnant. You need to do a pregnancy test.

It is possible; that could be implantation bleeding. You should probably take a test just to be sure.

not necessarily, it could be just left over blood your last period, but I had some brown spotting about 10 days after my last period, 7 days before my next period, and I found out I was pregnant!

old blood, could be pregnant or going through a change of menepause depending on how old you are or an infection go see your doc if it lasts any longer QUESTION i am three weeks pregnant and ai have been spotting light brown to a medium brown on and off for about a week n a half. i am 16 and i smoke alot but have slowed down and im scared i may have miscarried. any suggestions?.

possibly, or it could be a very early miscarriage ....... or it could just be your body doing weird things during your period

Well, implantation spotting usually occurs a week after ovulation or a week before your period. Considering it

If you have had sexual intercourse you possibly could be pregnant. You tell by taking a pregnancy test. You don't use whether or not your spotting for two weeks as a proxy for a pregnancy test. If you are worried that you might be pregnant, you shuold take a test as soon as possible.

The spotting could have been implantation spotting (when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus), therefore you should take a pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant or not.

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