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Just because a man pulls out doesn't mean anything. There is what you call pre-ejaculate, that happens way before he orgasms and finishes. When you mess around next time before you have sex. Feel the tip of his penis and you'll feel the thick clear stuff on it. That is ejaculate too. SO you always need to use a condom if you don't want to get pregnant because the pull out method doesn't always work.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you are 5 to 6 days late but your fiancee pulled out completely and you watched the semen come out?
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On the pill on antibiotics period and pulled out can I be pregnant?

you should be safe if he pulled out. you will find out soon enough if not though

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The woman is more likely to become pregnant when the diaphragm is pulled down

Can you get pregnant if he pulled out and you're on birth control?

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You could be pregnant

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Can your period cause you get pregnant if your partner did not sperm in you?

If your partner did not touch your body with his erect penis in any way, you can not get pregnant. But if he was inside you and pulled out to come, then yes, you could be pregnant.

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could be...take a preg test and find out

What if your partner had a vasectomy about a month ago and you don't think he pulled out completely before ejaculation?

The vasectomy should make him completely infertile; no pregnancy will result.

Can a woman get pregnant if the man pulled out then ejaculated?

Yes; you can still get pregnant from pre-ejaculate as well because a males pre-ejaculate contains sperm.

What are chances signs that your pregnanct if he wore a condom and pulled out?

There is always a slim chance that you can be pregnant even if he wore a condom and pulled out. The signs will be a missed period and tender breasts.

If the condom was stuck and hanging half way out of you when he pulled out is there a chance you could be pregnant?

ask a doctor about that

Im pregnant but he pulled out how should you tell him?

let him read the info that you have on the web and then he should understand.

Is there a possibility of getting pregnant if your boyfriend used a condom and pulled how?

Yes. There's always a possibility.

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