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If you ovulated late, then it's possible you are testing too early. Cramping is a sign of your period getting ready to start, but it's also a sign of implantation, you don't start producting the pregnancy hormone until implantation of the fertlized egg into the lining of the uterus, then it takes a few more days for the hormone to start showing up in your blood/urine. ~pawsalmighty

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You dont get a period because you are on the pill you tested negative but still feel pregnant?

If you're on the birth control pill and had a negative pregnancy test, it is not likely you are pregnant.

How can you tell Im pregnant if im still having your period and pregnancy test are negative?

If you are on your period and u take a pregnancy test and its negative maybe you tested too early, your not pregnant or your eggs aren't coming together fast enough to tell if your pregnant or not .

You might be 3 weeks pregnant but I'm not sure you took 2 pregnancy tests and they tested negative you also don't have any symptoms of pregnancy but are gassy in the evenings could you be pregnant?

Two negative tests would indicate that you probably are not.

What is the hormone of pregnancy is?

hCG is in pregnant mothers.It is tested to identify pregnancy.

If you have all pregnancy symptoms but had your period and home pregnancy test showed negative can you be pregnant?

Yes you could have tested too early. Go to your doctor and they may give you a blood test to confirm pregnancy.

You have tested negative on a home pregnancy test and a blood pregnancy test and still feel very pregnant so what is the possibility you still can be?

Don't risk it, see a doctor.. Pregnancy tests aren't always exact.

What if you tested twice on pregnancy test and both were faint positives am I pregnant?

yes, you are pregnant!

Can sametta kill a pregnancy?

No but you should avoid it if pregnant since it is not tested on pregnant women.

What is hormone is found when you are pregnant?

hCG is the hormone.It is tested for pregnancy

You got tested by doctor its negative can you be pregnant?

Then it's unlikely you're pregnant

What is the meaning of a substance testing positive or negative for that nutrient?

A test coming out positive means that the test found whatever it was looking for. A test coming out negative means it didn't find anything. Like a pregnancy test coming out positive means a good chance of the person tested being pregnant. Negative means there are no signs of pregnancy in the tested substance.

Lower abdominal cramping is pregnancy symptom?

Yes, lower abdominal cramping is a pregnancy symptom. You can feel crampy, exactly like you would before your period. I felt crampy for three or four days and then tested positive! :)

If I have been cramping and gaining weight and spotting and had severe back pain could I be pregnant?

yes. get tested

Pregnancy test was negative but convinced its pregnancy?

If you are convinced you are pregnant after you have taken a home pregnancy test that came back negative you should go to the doctors and be tested there. Some home pregnancy tests are not always correct so you could switch brands and try again. But my advice is go to your doctors to find out or sure.

I got 2 lines on my pregnancy test and tested 2 more times afterwards and the results were negative am I pregnant?

To be positive- go see a doctor for a test.

Can you still be pregnant if your period came early and pregnancy test came negative?

A woman that I know tested negative when she took a name brand test when she was over a month pregnant. It wasn't until she was 2 months pregnant that it showed up as a positive result. So, I would say, "yes" some people do test negative while they are pregnant.

Can you pregnant if you were 9 days late on your period and tested positive on a home pregnancy test but started expereincing severe cramping and clotting?

Yes you can be, but could be experiencing a spontaneous abortion. Sometimes there is a problem and the body will abort it.

Could you still be pregnant if you tested negative at the doctor's office?

Yes, urine tests can (rarely) give a false negative, especially if you took the test very early in your pregnancy. Get another test done.

Could I still be pregnant even though I tested negative I've been having symptoms?

If you took a pregnancy test after a missed period and it was negative, then you are probably not pregnant. Of course, there is always a chance you're pregnant even if a test came back negative, but it is unlikely. If you want to be absolutely certain, visit your doctor's office and ask them to test for pregnancy with a blood test instead of a urine test. Then you will know for sure.

I recently stopped taking birth control and have missed my period I took a pregnancy test and tested negative could I be pregnant?

bend over and ill show ya

How many IUI will it take for a positive result?

No test is guaranteed to be 100% accurate, however, the normal cause of a negative pregnancy test is that the person being tested is not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you get headaches and feel thumps in your abdomen but pregnancy test tested negative could you be pregnant you also had a period last month very unusual?

This could be a sign of pregnancy, It would be classed as a very early pregnancy and it would be best to wait until you are next due for your period and if you don't come on and your test is still negative then it is recommended to go to your g.p

Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms but home test say negative?

Hello. Yes it is possible to have pregnancy symptoms and have a negative pregnancy test. If you are pregnant the test is probably coming out negative because you dont have enough HCG in your system or you have tested too early. The best thing to do is see your doctor for a Beta HCG Quantitative pregnancy blood test. This test will tell you without a doubt if you are pregnant or not. Its the most accurate pregnancy test available and you must see your doctor for this test. Good luck. Recommend me if I have helped you.

Is it still possible you could be pregnant if you went to a clinic and your pregnancy test was negative?

If you tested too early, yes.. it's best to wait until your period is late before testing, if you have very regular cycles, and tested after you are late and got a negative, then you probably are not pregnant, you can ask your docotor for a blood test if you want a second opinion. ~pawsalmighty

Did you miscarry if you tested positive for pregnancy but lost the tenderness in your breast and have been cramping?

I would not stress about it. My breasts are only tender for a few days and then that goes away. As for the cramping, it could have been implantaion cramping which would not last long either.