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More then likely it is the Birth Control. Normally you don't have your period during pregnancy, but you could have had implantation bleeding. It would be lighter, last for 3 days or less, and wouldn't follow the normal period pattern, light, heavy, light. It can take your body a few months to get back to normal after birth control.


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You know when your period stopped because you are no longer bleeding - no blood, brown discharge, or pink discharge leaving your vagina.

Late or stopped periods, and regular morning sickness sometimes accomanied by a strong aversion to certain smells.

I have been on birth control for 7yrs, and i stopped taking it the end of September. But when i stopped taking it i didn't finish the pack. I am trying to get pregnant. I am concerned that i cant get pregnant and that i should have finished the pack first. I am concerned that i might not be able to get pregnant because i took birth control for 7yrs.

Hormones excreted during intercourse and orgasm can cause a discharge from the male or female - it is most likely to happen in a woman who is or has been pregnant or recently stopped breast feeding. If this does not apply to you, you should discuss this with your doctor as there are medical conditions that can also cause the discharge.

Yes, if you are ovulating and getting your regular periods. but for me, my dhea level is high and i have stopped ovulating, so i can not get pregnant. i have an appointment with the endocrinologist monday. hope i can get this issue taken care of.

A food handler that has discharge from the eyes should be removed from food handling. They should be employed elsewhere until the discharge has stopped.

Yes, provided you put a new one in at day 7, even if the bleeding has not stopped.

You should start using your ring for the first time after your period has stopped. Then begin using your timer to remove on the correct day and replace 7 days later. If used properly you should never have any problems. I was on the ring for 6 + years and had sex as soon as the same day I put it in and never had a question about pregnancy. I fully trust the ring as my method of BC.

Pregnant and our baby stopped moving all of a sudden for 2 days what can be the problem'?

I stopped these common mistakes and got pregnant almost immediately!

If you are pre-menopausal (menstruation/your period has not stopped), then it is possible to become pregnant.

Yes, you can and you probably are. If you are three months pregnant, a miscarriage would involve quite a lot of blood. The bleeding can result from lots of different things and is probably nothing dangerous. However, it would be a good idea to go to your doctor to check it out, just to be on the safe side (even though the discharge has now stopped).

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The purpose of a birth control pill is not to get pregnant, so they are not "prone" to getting pregnant. To get pregnant the pill has to be stopped.

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