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You could be pregnant, but it doesn't sound like it, did you recently change your diet or begin exercising? Both can cause periods to be late or in some cases, extreme work outs or unhealthy crash diets (anorexia), can cause periods to stop all together. There is also another possibility, if you had unsafe sex that could lead to pregnancy then it could also lead to STD's, in any case, go to the doctor!

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late and have had 3 negative hpts and have regular periods but you have slightly sore or tender breasts and you have fatigue and the nasuea has went away?
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Could you be pregnant if you have bloating and burning in your stomach along with itchy breasts and fatigue?

Yes you could be pregnant. See your Doctor for a blood test.

You have sore breasts and fatigue you still have about 3 weeks before your next period Are you pregnant?

most likely

How will I know if i am pregnant without a test?

You can tell you're pregnant by: Tender breasts Missed period Nausea Cramps Fatigue Cravings Headaches/Backaches

If you have Sensitive breasts paining nipples and fatigue could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

I have fatigue tender breasts and acid reflux can i be pregnant?

Those are both signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test to find out.

What are early ways of knowing you're pregnant?

Missed period, swollen/tender breasts, fatigue, weight gain, morning sickness.

Are you pregnant if you are nauseous bloated cramping and sore breasts but still have had 1 period?

You could still be pregnant, as some women have bleeding throughout pregnancy, although it is slightly different to normal menstruation. I suggest you have a blood test at the doctors to find out whether or not you could be pregnant, especially if you begin to have other signs such as wierd food cravings, nausea and fatigue.

Could you be pregnant if you have symptoms such as cramps and extreme fatigue as well as food cravings and aversions plus mood swings and larger breasts?


But does it mean that i'm pregnant?

The common signs of pregnancy include tender and swollen breasts, nausea, increased urination, fatigue, and food aversions.

How you know im pregnant in 7days?

You typically can't know if you're pregnant or not in just 7 days. Early pregnancy symptoms include fatigue, sore breasts and back pain.

Could you be pregnant if you are on the pill but your breasts were really sore before your last period and now that you've had a period your stomach is upset and you have fatigue and headaches?

Yes you could be pregnant or it could be caused by the pill.

Symptoms of a pregnant woman?

Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, tender breasts, fatigue. Some women have all these symptoms, some women have none.

Unusually sore breasts and nipples and cramping and 5 days late period and nose bleed and frequent urination fatigue and 3 negative HPT can you still be pregnant?

you should probably go see a doctor and take a blood test since the other tests are negative. your hormones might be too low to detect it.

Symptoms if u pregnant?

Light spotting and cramping, sore breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, a missed period, and mood swings are all signs of pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant still if you are feeling sick fatigue and your tummy feels tight and weird but have tested negative hpt and spottin of blood?


You feel pregnant but you have gotten your period every month like you should How can you know without a test?

There is not for sure way to tell that you are pregnant without a test, especially if you suspect that you are pregnant. Look for symptoms such as swollen/tender breasts, nausea, missed period, and fatigue/tiredness.

Is diarrhea early pregnancy sign?

It usually is not a sign, but it is very common among pregnant women! So maybe it should be a sign! Your signs of pregnancy most commonly include: * missed period * tender/swollen breasts * change in color of the breasts * fatigue

What are the reasons of getting negative pregnancy test when you are pregnant?

Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include: * missed period * tender/swollen breasts * change in color of the breasts * fatigue * nausea/vomiting * increased sense of smell * weight gain

If you are 16 days late for your period feeling nausea feeling fatigue feeling cold but have taken a test that says negative could you be pregnant?

no no your not stop thinking that

Could you be pregnant if you are a week late and have had 3 negative hpts and you have regular periods but you don't have sore or tender breasts but you have had fatigue and nausea?

Yes you could. Not everyone has all the symptoms. With my first I had very sore breasts, kept falling asleep in the car on the way home from work and had nausea every evening. (My husband put on weight because he was eating my dinner too.) With my second pregnancy I had none of these symptoms, and it was twins!!!

What symptoms should you look for if you think you may be pregnant?

Every pregnancy is different, but the most common signs are missed period, sore, tender breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, urinating ALL the time.

How do you know your pregnant without a pregnancy test?

You can not trully tell unless your have a blood test done by a doctor. But some signs are I your breasts are sore, you have fatigue, nausea, or dizziness, and frequent urination. Hope this helped. :)

Six weeks pregnant and no signs Is this normal?

its lucky, but there are probably no "no signs" your breasts are probably swelling, and you are starting to gain weight. you are also probably feeling symptoms of iron deficency, like fatigue, or headaches

You have been having food cravings fatigue nausea tender breasts and slight weight gain but you are still having your period is it possible you are pregnant?

yes it is posuble you could be pregnant, some women bleed all the way through there pregnancy, normally it is lighter tho.

Is my girlfriend gaining weight or is she pregnant because she's not experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy except fatigue and bigger breasts which one is she?

Could be either. If she's missed her period, she needs to take a pregnancy test