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Could you be pregnant if you got your period three days after sex?

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2011-09-12 15:22:42

It happened to my cousin but it's very rare. She thought she was

not pregnant because she got her period and she was. From my own

experience I had sex on a Saturday and on Monday I was having

nausea. I thought I was sick of something and knew that it was

impossible to be pregnant so quickly. I went to the doctor and I

was pregnant. The doc told me that I was very fertile and to be

very careful that for me I only have a few safe days between

periods. All to say that every woman is different. Good luck!

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I doubt it. The egg would need your uterine lining in order to

"grow". Since you had your period, all your lining for that

"possible" pregnancy would be gone rendering you NOT pregnant. If

your period is late NEXT month, then see a Doc. I have always been

told if you get your "monthly" then NO pregnancy has occured.


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Hi :-)

There is a tiny possibility pregnancy could occur but because

you had sex just before your period, the egg wouldn't of been in a

position to be fertilised. So chances of pregnancy are 1% or


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No. If you get a period you arent pregnant. If this was your first

time then this is why you got your period. If your period was due

or your under stress then this is also why you got your period. Or

you could have a hormonal imbalance.

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