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Sometimes you can have bleeding after conception and this is often mistaken for a period. If you got the same PMS symptoms that you normally get, then it was probably a period. Otherwise, you are probably pregnant. -DJ Craig

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you had an irregular period last week and it was really heavy the first day then it only lasted for a day and a half then it was spotting not even enough to wear a pad?
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Period was 5 days early and lasted 1 day?

Some women experience irregular periods, but if there is a chance you are pregnant, your "period" could actually be spotting.

What does it mean if you started your period but it only lasted a day?


If i had my period 2weeks ago and i started spotting and i don't get my period until feb17 this do not mean that im am pregnant?

I have had my monthly period and that lasted 6 days instead of 7 days and started spotting 2weeks after does this mean Iam pregnant?

I had my period on oct 7 and it lasted 6 daysi started spotting and feeling nauseas a couple of days later could i be pregnant?

not unless you had sex during the time that you had your period and wen you started spotting. you can get pregnant anytime you have sex. It also could just be symptoms of PMS

Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted two days and after that you were spotting brown blood and you feel sick to your stomach and bloated?

Yes you could definitely be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test.

Could you be pregnant if you had a very light period this month that lasted 2 days and now you are spotting about 2 weeks later and you are not using protection?

Yes definitely.

Im 3 weeks pregnant and had light spotting that lasted only an hour is this normal?

no,its not normal,dont panic and go to a doctor.maybe u lifted something heavy.

When i started my Period it was 7 days early and has so far lasted 11 days 10 out of the 11 was nothing but spotting could i be pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test

If i am having spotting for a coulpe off day in my meastration then came heavy for a few min lasted for about 16 days can you be pregnant?

I don't think so. You may be having a miscarriage

My last period was the 13th of April and lasted about 7 days my periods are very irregular i had sex and he came in me on the 14th of may and i still haven't got my period could i be pregnant?

If you did not use protection, then you might have become pregnant. Even with irregular periods, the chances of getting pregnant are there! Wait a week or so and get a pregnancy test, since your period may not be the telling sign.

My period lasted two days and i still have spotting's?

Completely normal.

You are scared you had a miscarriage you started bleeding at 4 12 weeks pregnant and called the hospital she said it was probably a reaction to sperm It lasted for 3 days stopped and started again and?

If you are pregnant and bleeding red call your doctor ASAP. If you recently had sex it could just be from a sensitive cervix. When i was pregnant and spotting my docs office told me no sex and I was on bed rest for 7 days after the spotting ended.

Could i be pregnant had a spotting period 2weeks ago lasted 4days 10days later had unprotected sex and four days after the sex had pink then brown spotting with a dull pain in right pelvic area?

It's very unlikely that you got pregnant then cos when you are on your period, or its within 7 days of having it the egg usually hasn't been released yet

Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted 3 days and was a light flow and brownish red in color after 2 days and you got bleeding again but a light pink color?

If this was unusual for you it is possible that you are pregnant, but unlikely. An inplanttation bleed is usually only spotting. However if you 'feel' pregnant take a test.

Your period is heavy and last for five days this time you had two days of light pink spotting two days later you began to bleed a light flow that lasted three days could you be pregnant?

Yes. It is possible to bleed, light or heavy and be pregnant. I had light spotting and some bleeding for the first three months of my pregnancy. You need to see a doctor to be evaluated soon.

Intercourse 10 days ago Period started next day lasted 3 days Light pink spotting and breast tenderness 9 days after intercourse Are you pregnant?

There is a possibility that you may be pregnant. The spotting that you are experiencing is what they call implantation bleeding, which is when the egg attaches itself to the walls of the uterus. If you have a missed period I would definite advise you to take a pregnancy test. Good luck!!

You are 16 weeks pregnant and spotting just a litte but you got cramps and pain your lower back should i be worried?

Hi! When I was 16 weeks pregnant with my daughter, I had mild spotting and cramping that lasted about 10 hours. I went to the hospital and after an emergency ultrasound and blood work, they told me everything was fine. Apparently it's normal to have mild spotting & mild cramps from time to time during a pregnancy. I hope that answers your question and wish you the best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!!

How common is spotting early in pregnancy Experiencing some light spotting 4 days before period is due but hoping to be pregnant?

I'm going through the exact same thing right now. My husband and I are trying and about 5 days before my period was due I started spotting (at night only) and it lasted for 2-3 days.. not sure what to think. I'm hoping that there still may be some slight chance it was implantation and that I might be pregnant. Good luck to you.

Is it possible to pregnant if you are on birthcontroll pills your period 1 day late and lasted for only 1 day?'s possible but you may be having an irregular cycle. if you feel that you could be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your Dr.

Could i be father along in my pregnancy than what im told consdering i had irregular period when my periods normally last 5 days but lasted a week with spotting?

Yes. You should tell your Dr so that they can preform an ultrasound to provide you with more accurate dating.

Could you be pregnant if you were spotting for five days and then you had your period and it was very heavy but it only lasted 2 days?

It really depends on the person but i would say you very well could be pregnant. It is possible that you conceived but then had a very early miscarriage. It is thought that this happens to about 40% of conceptions so you are not alone. If you think you may be pregnant take a test.

What does it mean if your period was 10 days early and only lasted 2 days with brown discharge and a light pink discharge afterward and could you be pregnant?

It could possibly be implantation spotting- wait a week and take a test.

Are you pregnant if you did not have your period last month and lasted for only one day this month?

You could be, and the one day period could actually be spotting which is common in early pregnancy. Do yourself (and the possible baby) a favor and get a pregnancy test.

I hadn't had my period for eight months Im not pregnant I finally started spotting last week that lasted aboutfive days Then after four days I noticed this morning I am spotting again?

You should go to the doctor and have some test done Call Your GYN if you don t have one look in the yellow pages for clinics in your area

Your girlfriend has her period last week but she claimed it was lighter than normal however it lasted for 4 days is this an indication of pregnancy?

No. As long as it's more than just an incident or two of spotting, she is not pregnant. It is not possible to get your period while pregnant. Actually, some women do experience a period while pregnant. * *