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If there was unprotected intercourse in there somewhere then yes.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you had period jul9 bleed again jul23 started light spotting august10th and spotted after intercourse and period still hasn't come?
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Spotting with IUD are you pregnant?

I have spotted on on the 8the and don't get my period and then nothing and then again today 15 the why is this happening to me I've had it 2 and half year Year with it

Is brown discharge associated with pregnancy?

Could be. A lot of pregnant women say they spotted early in pregnancy. However, I always get brown spotting before a period.

Can i be pregnant if i spotted for 3 days then heavy bleeding for 3?

no! its said that you cant. it is incredibly rare for a girl to have any sort of period when she is pregnant. and if you did it would only be a little bit of spotting, not anything heavy.

Is it normal to bleed after intercourse even though you are pregnant?

Yes. As long as it is light pink or spotted red. If it is dark red and lots of it like a period, then get to the ER.

I haven't started my period but i spotted blood will i start soon?

Spotting can be a sign a period is about to start. If you skip more than one period and only see spotting, see a doctor to make sure you are not pregnant or have a health issue that needs attention.

How Do yellow spotted lizards have babies?

they have sexual intercourse i think

You spotted 3 days ago and your period should have came yesterday and is late am i pregnant?

wats spotted Spotting is when you get only a few drops of blood during menstruation instead of the full flow. If you've been having sex, you could be pregnant, no matter how safe you were. But, just wait a while longer. Since you spotted, it's possible you aren't pregnant. The best way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test if you don't get your period in another week or so.

Do you spot during pregnancy when it is a boy but not when it is a girl?

I spotted with both my girls. HI, I DIDN'T spot with my daughter but I DID spot with my son!!!!! Just wanted to put that in, but I don't know anything about it being a girl or boy, that's not up to us! Well I have 5 children and am pregnant with my 6th child.... My first born is a girl and I spotted with her early in the pregnancy. My next 3 children were boys and I did no spotting with them at all. My 5th child I did some spotting around 3 months and turned out she was a girl... Now the baby that I'm pregnant with now i spotted for like 2 days and at around 22 weeks pregnant i went in for an ultrasound and what do you know its another girl.... So i think that for me anyway spotting is a way to show me what I'm having!

If pregnant how long will it take for your period tp stop?

If you have sex while on your period, It won't stop. It takes your body time to acknoledge your pregnant. You may slow down to spotting. If you are pregnant, your next month's cycle will not be appearing. Although I spotted one day around the time I should of got my period when I was pregnant with my second son. A little spotting is normal, although I would suggest talking with a ob-gyn. I hope this was helpful.

Just had your period and it was brown and spotted and then a week later it came back and it was brown and spotted again what does this mean?

ur pregnant ur pregnant

You spotted 2 weeks before your period and it was 4 days late could you be pregnant?

yes you could be! the spotting could have been implantation bleeding. see if you get your period next month and take a test!

Can you still be pregnant if you spotted for 4 days?

Spotting during pregnancy happens sometimes, and doesn't necessarily mean that there's a problem with your pregnancy. Contact your prenatal care provider for advice specific to your situation.

How many days of spotting can there be before a miscarriage?

i spotted 4 days and on the fifth day i miscarried

How do yellow spotted lizards get pregnant?

they need to mate.

Could you be pregnant if while on the pill you didn't get your period and you spotted for 4 days after you missed the pill?

The spotting was break through bleeding because you missed the pill for 4 days. Because you missed the pill you did put yourself at risk of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant.

Is there a possibity that you could be pregnant if you spotted a coupel of days before your normal period starts?

If you got your normal period, then the chances of you being pregnant are very low. The spotting is probably just because you were ovulating (releasing an egg) which happens before your period. Many women spot then

You are 1 month pregnant what does it mean when you have brown spotting?

Spotting in the 1st month usually means nothing unless it is accompanied by cramping. I have had 4 successful pregnancies and have spotted light brown/pinkish with no complications with the babies. If the bleeding becomes heavy or cramping starts you should definitely see a doctor and express your concerns

Does inbreeding has do with spotted cow?

Some, but not all. Spotting in cattle is a recessive trait and is kept by breeding spotted with spotted, regardless if a bull is bred to his daughters or a cow is bred to an unrelated bull. See the related link below for more info.

Does spotting last the whole pregnancy?

spotting is not supposed to occur during pregnancy. if you are spotting it may be a sign of miscarriage. However, many women have spotted and still have successful pregnancies. Best to get it checked out, have a pelvic exam and ultrasound to see what's going on in there.

Im late on your period and you spotted could you be pregnant?

spotted is a pregnancy sign go take a pregnancy test and find out

If you spotted the first two days of your cycle and had a normal period after could you be pregnant?

you are not supposed to have a period if you are pregnant.

When was the last jersey devil spotting?

Yes. it has been last seen spotted in September,19 2009 in Swedesboro,NJ

Could you be pregnant if you spotted a brown discharge for a day and had some light cramping during that time and your period isn't due for almost a week and a half?

Yes this could be pregnancy related. You can see your doctor 7 days after intercourse for a pregnancy blood test or perform a urine pregnancy test 3 weeks after intercourse.

If you missed your period and spotted 2 days after you spotted dark brown discharge and a day after your period started but it was light can you be pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if you have been spotting for a week but have not had your period yet?

hello every one is different. first of all how old are u? If ur in ur 35 to 40 u may be going through menapause. but my wife spotted for a week and she was pregnant u need a test to find out for sure . let me know ur out come. if ur pregnant and are excited then good luck.