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yes Sperm can survive for up to 5 days, but fighting blood flow and all of the other obsticales it encounters on the way to the egg make it a 99% chance you are not going to get pregnant. well all i can is that you take a test to make sure what you have is your period cos it can be sometimes tricky especially when u had a broken condom. No If your period was due and the burst condom was the day before you would not be pregnant.

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2009-01-05 04:18:33
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Q: Could you be pregnant if you had protected sex yesterday and the condom broke but today you got your period?
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Can you get pregnant if you had protected sex and then had your period the day after?

doubtful-glad you used the condom joymaker rn

How long after having condom protected sex would your period stop if you were pregnant?

unless there was a condom "malfunction" ,, never,, that's sort of the point no?

Can you get you period and still be pregnant if you didn't use a condom?

Your question is unclear but yes you can get pregnant if you don't use a condom. You can get pregnant if you do use a condom. If very rare cases you can have a period when pregnant

Will you become pregnant if you have protected sex the day before your periods?

You can get pregnant anytime even during your period. Never have unprotected sex! Please use a condom.

Can you be pregnant and have a period eventhough you used a condom the correct way?

If you are having a period you can not be pregnant.

Can you get pregnant at the beginning of your period but he uses a condom?

No. You can't get pregnant if your on your period! You could only get pregnant the week after your pregnant!

If you have protected sex then get a period can you get pregnant?

Technically, if you get your period, then you aren't pregnant

Can you be pregnant if you only had protected sex 3-4 days before a full 5 day period and no sex after but the next period displays brown blood spots similar to implantation bleeding?

If by protected sex you mean a condom, then yes. The condom could break :( If by pill, also yes. They do not always work.

Does a girl gets pregnant if she has an intercourse at the first day of her period with a condom?

yes you can get pregnant if you have sex before or at the begining of your period you can get pregnant at anytime. with a condom you have a better chance of protection against pregnancy and diseases but it doesnt mean you wont get pregnant. theres always a chance you can get pregnant with a condom

Can you get pregnant on the last day of your period and also which is pregnancy most likely to happen during your period or with a condom?

Yes you can get pregnant on your last day of your period and if the condom is on right and doesn't break or slide off it's most likely to get pregnant on your period.

You have not got a period your condom broke can you be pregnant?

You certainly might be.

Can a girl get pregnant after her period if a boy used a condom and didn't ejacuate in her?


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