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yes, you can become pregnant after haveing your tubes tied, but not to be nosey but you should see if there is something else wrong in your life also?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-22 13:10:40
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Q: Could you be pregnant if you had your tubes tied in December 2004 and you have been feeling really tired lately?
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Is it normal to feel really hot when pregnant?

Yes feeling hotter is possible when pregnant.

You are feeling really horney am you pregnant?

Not if I'm a horny male!!

I have been feeling real depressed because i got really angry at my friend and have not been talking to to her lately what should i do?

If you have been feeling real depressed because you got really angry at your friend and have not been talking to her lately you should apologize for getting angry with her if you are sorry for it, or explain to her why you were angry and see if you can work it out.

I hate chocolate but I've been eating them lately could i be pregnant?

Maybe yes. To make sure if you're really pregnant why don't you try to have pregnancy test.

My best friend has been really annoying lately Why is this Help please?

Maybe your best friend is feeling anxious about something and that is why they are annoying. Talk to them and ask whet's going on.

You have been feeling really tired recently headaches and lowerback pain and feeling sick if you havent eaten on time could you be pregnant your period was very light?


Can you hire Justin Bieber?

he is really busy lately but it really depends on what your hireling him for

Its been real hard for you to get pregnant but for the last weeks now you been feeling really strang could you be pregnant?

I say you should take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor but it is possible you are.

You are pregnant and you feel stress Is this ok?

Feeling Stress during pregnancy is not really ok.Becasue stress is a teratogen the may cause abnormalities to your child.

Can you get pregnant when ovulating but your guy said he have not ejaculated?

Yes. A small amount of semen will usually leak prior to the main discharge w/o the guy feeling it, and you only need a little inside you to get pregnant. Pulling out and counting days are really, really unreliable methods if you want to avoid getting pregnant.

Your stomach feels like a balloon is in it Could you be pregnant -Anyone else have similar feeling at 10dpo?

This balloon feeling symptom sounds more like gas. By the time you notice the pressure of your baby inside you, you should know you are already pregnant. If you really do suspect you are pregnant, you should take a test. By this point, you should get an accurate result no matter what day you take it, unless you are mistaking this bloating feeling for PMS symptoms.

Your outer breasts hurt really bad and you are not feeling like your normal self. Could you be pregnant?

yes it could be a sign but to be sure buy a test

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