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you can't have your period if you're pregnant

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you have a light period that looks like pink show?
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Could a person still be pregnant if they got their period?

Yes, sometimes it looks for all the world like your period but it's just bleeding. There are also instances of a real period coming along and ending the pregnancy.

Is Christine Roman with CNN pregnant?

looks like she could be

What does it mean when you pee it looks normal in the toilet but when you wipe it is pink?

It could mean you are about to start your period or you may have a bladder infection. I had this happen before when I had a bladder infection... If you're pregnant it could be the onset of a miscarriage

Could you have had a miscarriage if you had your period a few weeks ago and have spotting that looks like cervical mucus?

or you could be pregnant. do a home pg test if + see a doctor, if - wait a 1 week after your period id due and test again. It depends by what you mean by "a few weeks ago". If it was in the past 10 - 12 days that you had your period, what you are probably seeing now is the beginning of ovulation for your cycle, so it is probably unlikely that you were pregnant.

What does the period looks like whiles pregnant?

you are not supposed to have a period while pregnant. Most women do NOT get their period when pregnant. Some may have slight bleeding here and there. It will be red. I have heard of quite a few woman who do indeed experience a kind of period in their first trimester and some who have had periods all the way through. So, don't listen to the first answer.

Last menstrual period- april 6th . supposedly conceived april 20th . is it possible I could have conceived march 23rd which was 2 weeks before my lmp?

Yes, that is possible. You can still have a period while pregnant, thought it usually looks like spotting or gets lighter. You could have also conceived while on your period. I hope I helped!

What Do Master Shifu's belly looks like when he got pregnant?

It could be look like round,medium and..

Is it possible to be pg no period and 3 tests came back neg?

Yes, It would depend how pregnant your are as the hormones which the test looks for build up gradually, you dont say how late your period is, but no period can be due to many things, poor diet, certain contraception, stress etc. If you think your pregnant or could be I would suggest booking an appointment with your doctor or family planning clinic to find out for definate.

Is ranvir singh pregnant?

Well she sure looks pregnant !

Is Tulisa pregnant and who is the dad?

Doubt it,she looks the type that would get rid of it,and the dad could be numerous ppl from what I've heard about her

Is Amber Tamblyn pregnant?

She looks large

Is gerri willis pregnant?

Looks like it to me.

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