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You can't get pregnant if he doesn't ejaculate. When in doubt ask a doctor lol

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It is possible to get pregnant any time of your monthly cycle and all ejaculate (even pre-ejaculate) contains sperm so get a pregnancy test if your worried.

It is difficult to say but if you pulled out and had a condom then there is a good chance that semen did not come in contact with her vagina. If it did, you do have a reason to worry. Two days to 24 hours after her ovulation is one of the best times to try to get pregnant because sperm can live up to three days while the females egg only lasts about 24 hours.

You can get pregnant no matter what position your doing. It being wet could eigther be your secretions or theres depending on if you used a condom or not. Even if it was theres, you are not safe. semen can live up to three days in the vigina and swim towards your fallopean tubes which is carrying an egg. You may become pregnant.

Yes. Any man-juice inside any lady-parts at any time can do the job.

You could likely be pregnant or some other medical condition. Get it checked out.

Not likely but yes. My sister got pregnant with the IUD in and she had had it for over three years.

You could be pregnant. You should go to the Doctor and receive a pregnant test.

You could say "Tres hermanas embarazadas".

Yes you could possibly be pregnant. You should take a test just in case. What you think is a perriod could just be break through bleeding.

Yes. It is possible for you to be pregnant if you haven't been taking the pill regularly.

If you are pregnant and do not want the child, get an abortion. If you have been pregnant for over three months, 12 weeks, you are having a child and have to learn to deal with it. From this day forward, always use a condom! Use every form of birth control there are!

well if the period is normal, if it's not too weak..then u're probably not pregnant...but if the period is unusual then u should take the pregnancy test, just to be sure;)

Yes it can be wrinkled and not break. But if a condom is applied to a penis that is fully erect then it should fit tightly and not move or wrinkle very much. If you are noticing that the condom is very wrinkled then there may be one of three issues: 1. You are not applying the condom correctly, never unroll a condom before putting it onto your penis. 2. You are not fully erect while wearing the condom. 3. The condom you are using is too big for you, resulting in movement and wrinkles. The main risk with the three issues above is that the condom can slip off the penis during sex.

Yes, you can 1 out of three condoms break.. and some times girls holes in the condoms so that the boy can pay child support haha so don't have sexxx :))) or use 3 condoms! the baby pill is really good to..

Absolutely. Pre-cum may still contain viable sperm, which can survive for around three days inside the vagina/uterus of a woman. Ovulation happens - depending on your cycle - at approximately day 14. If your vagina comes into contact with sperm at day 11, it is entirely possible for pregnancy to be achieved. Condoms, condoms, condoms! Always assume you can become pregnant!

it's either one of three things. Your period is about to start, your vagina is cleaning itself or you might be pregnany.

Anytrime a male ejaculates, the fluid itself is called semen and, yes, each time there will be sperm. Also, if he ejaculated the second time outside of you, but still near your vulva, you are still taking a risk at getting pregnant. The third time will still contain sperm, and if he did indeed ejaculate in your vagina, there is a very high chance you will get pregnant unless you are both using contraceptives I'm sorry, but if you don't know the answer to this, you shouldn't be having sex!

Any woman can get pregnant on the pill - It isn't 100% effective even if you take it properly. If you haven't been taking it properly, you're even more susceptible to falling pregnant if having sex. The pill makes your bleeding lighter, so I'm not sure that lighter spotting has much to do with the predictability of getting pregnant. If you want to take the pill and don't want to get pregnant, you should use it properly and use a condom. Take the pill at the same time each day. Be aware that taking antibiotics can make the pill useless for the time you are taking them + approx. two weeks. You should always use a condom, regardless.