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Pregnancy is a possibility get an at home test or go to your doctor and if your not pregnant then talk to your doctor about possibilities of why you haven't been able to get pregnant within the 6 years that you have been trying...hope everything works out for you good luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-05 04:13:19
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Q: Could you be pregnant if you have been trying for 6 years got your period 2 wks early but it wasn't completely normal period a little lighter have a head cold at the time with a little nausea?
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Are you pregnant if your nausea?

If you have nausea in the mornings you very well could be pregnant.

9 weeks pregnant and nausea gone is baby ok?

yes, my roomate is pregnant and said the nausea went away after a little over two months..which 9 weeks is. It is normal.

What is a sentence using nausea?

The high waves gave me nausea.She had a lot of nausea when she was pregnant.

Can you be pregnant and not experience nausea?

Yes,you can.

Could you be pregnant if you have had nausea and have been extremely tired for the past few weeks and had a lighter shorter period than usual?

Although these symptoms can be the caused by many things anemia ect.. It was my experience when I became pregnant that that is what happened to me. i actually had 2 periods very light while pregnant and the nausea was the first sign for me. test are cheap you can get them at a dollar store, peace of mind priceless.

Would nausea lighter periods breast enlargement weight gain in the front and feelings like kicking mean you could be pregnant if you feel like you're pregnant too?

You could definitely be pregnant, but don't take our words for it. Go see a doctor soon.

Cramping nausea and headaches a few days after your period for about a week and a half could i be pregnant?

You CAN still get your "period" if your pregnant, but its not a real period. Its just spotting and Its completely normal... Id take the pregnancy test.

Your tummy is swollen have nausea can you be pregnant?

Yes you are very much pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have heartburn cramps bloated gas nausea dizziness and your breasts hurt and you have little bumps around your nipples but you're never hungry?

Yes you could be pregnant. There pregnancy symptoms.

What do you feel when you think your pregnant?

Nausea in the morning.

If i have nausea after before and after eating can i be pregnant?

no not at all

Can nausea occur at 3 weeks pregnant?

yes, you can have nausea as soon as 14 days after conseption

Should you be worried if you are 6 weeks pregnant with little nausea but had bad nausea with your past 2 miscarriages?

Nothing is certain but I would try not to worry. If you miscarry again you definitely need to get checked out as there may be some little thing preventing you carrying a pregnancy. Good Luck

Are vomiting and nausea significant in all pregnant women?

No. Some women do not have nausea or vomiting during pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you do not feel nausea?

yes sickness does not occur to all pregnant wemon

What does it mean if you have heartburn nausea and white discharge?


What are symptoms you may have when you get pregnant?

one symptom is nausea.

When does nausea start when pregnant?

4 to 6 weeks

You have been having food cravings fatigue nausea tender breasts and slight weight gain but you are still having your period is it possible you are pregnant?

yes it is posuble you could be pregnant, some women bleed all the way through there pregnancy, normally it is lighter tho.

What kind of feeling would you get if you are pregnant?

What kinds or feelings do you have when you are pregnant? Nausea, abdominal cramping, headache.......

Could you be pregnant if you got your period as usual last week but for the last month or 2 you've been feeling very tired with stomach cramps and nausea?

If your last period was lighter than normal for you then you may be pregnant. Or you may have a virus which is making you feel so tired.

Breast pain and nausea?

Either signs of pms or pregnant

When do you feel nausea when pregnant?

First 2-4 Months .

If you have nausea and are constantly tired but do not have sore breasts could you still be pregnant?

yes,you still COULD be pregnant. Not every woman has the same symptoms but nausea and tiredness are most definitely symptoms.

How do you differentiate pregnancy nausea from actually being sick or can't you?

You differentiate pregnancy nausea from non-pregnancy nausea by taking a pregnancy test. And if it comes out negative your "not" pregnant.