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You might be pregnant or you could be having the cramping because your period is about to arrive or preparing to arrive. You can do a pregnancy test now or wait 7 days and then test.

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Does it mean you are pregnant if you are having stomach cramps?

It can be or you are ovulating or getting your period. Just cramping is not enough to determine if you are pregnant or not.

When pregnant do you normally have cramps when you miss your first period?

Yes, cramping when you miss your first period is normal.

Can you get stomach cramps before first period and not being pregnant?


Is waking up with cramping in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?

my friend just found out she was pregnant. and the whole reason why she took the test was because she had cramps in her stomach and then missed her period. so it could be a possibility. that is also how my other friend found out. she had really bad stomach cramps and went to the hospital and found out.

Why am I cramping and I'm not pregnant?

you probably started ur period and if u were already on it it is probably pms cramps

Can you have light cramps and be pregnant?

Yes I had cramping when I was pregnant for most of the 1 st trimester , if you ate bleeding then most likely your period

When you first become pregnant can you get stomach cramps?

Yes it is perfectly normal, even for the cramps to resemble period pains.

You had cramping in your stomach for several days then you didnt are you pregnant?

You could be, but you don't provide enough info to make a real judgement. If the cramps are just before your period this could be PMS. If it is during your period that is normal. Sometimes when you ovulate you will feel some cramps as well. So, there are many causes for cramps besides pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you sex for 2weeks after your period and you have sore breast and stomach cramps?


If you have implantation bleeding around the time of your period will you have stomach pains as if it was your period?

With my first pregnancy I just had the implantation bleeding, no cramping, I felt wonderful. With my second pregnancy I had awful period like cramps. I didn't think I could be pregnant because it felt like my period was coming.

What could be wrong if you have stomach cramping and sore breasts with a discharge?

You may be pregnant or your period is going to arrive.

Is stomach ache with cramping on the day before period mean pregnancy?

i don't think so because if your pregnant, you don't get your period

If you are pregnant and have your period will you still get cramps?

If you are pregnant you will not have your period

Is stomach pain not cramps a sign of pregnancy?

Cramps are a sign of pregnancy, i was sure i was coming on my period i had all the cramps etc.. im now 5 months pregnant

Im cramping but my period has not started?

If you are cramping but your period has not started, it is nothing to worry about. Many females experience stomach cramps, backache, mood swings and cravings in the days leading up to their period. If the pain is too much, you could take a painkiller and rest with a hot water bottle against your stomach.

Can you have your period and cramps when you are pregnant?

Answer 2:You can have spotting and cramping but not full menstrual flow. This normally only occurs at the time for your first period after conception. Some women have minor vaginal bleeding during pregnancy and independent cramps that are not uterine cramps as with menstruation.Answer 1:can't have period

Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late for your period but are having menstrual cramps?

Yes, I have just discovered that i am 5 weeks pregnant. I had period like cramping for a week before i found out i was pregnant. I kept rushing to the toilet thinking my period had started when actually it was my body making room for the baby.For me, the cramps are exactly like period cramps. You can have cramps as an early sign of pregnancy because your body is making room for the baby. Do a pregnany test, it sounds like you could be pregnant....

What if dont have your period and you have cramps?

your probably pregnant, cramping and sore nipples are the first symptoms of pregnancy. Buy a test and find out. Good luck

Can you have period cramps and still be pregnant?

Yes, if you have cramps but no menstrual flow, you can be pregnant.

Do you always get cramps during your period?

No. Many women have no cramping and most women have no cramping after their first childbirth

What are the chances of being pregnant if you've been off the pill for 2 weeks and had a period and stomach cramps that felt like contractions?

It depends on how long the period lasted. If it was short, and scant and didn't last as long then it may be implantation bleeding. You can't have stomach cramps that are like contractions unless you are in Labor. And I am guessing You have never been pregnant before, you more than likely had the stomach cramps becasue you had a period, which means no pregnancy.

You are a week late on your period and having mild cramps but no spotting or bleeding could you be pregnant?

you could be pregnant or your period could be thrown off for whatever reason. I have had that happen to me recently I was cramping it was not bad and then boom there it was late but it was there

What if your on your period and your stomach hurts really bad and your not pregnant?

its called cramps and its very normal because alot of women have them.

Could you be pregnant if you are having period cramps but no period?

you are definitely pregnant!

Been getting cramps 2 start your period usually you get them like 4 days then you start but you ve only had cramp for 2 days and you had sex and he ejected in you is it a chance you can b pregnant?

The change in cramping does not suggest pregnancy. Cramps can vary with each period. The reason you may be pregnant is because he finished inside you. Yes, you can still get pregnant during your period.