Could you be pregnant if you have tender breasts and headaches plus extreme fatigue and diahrrea and you're more moody lately?

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November 04, 2005 10:04PM

Some women during their periods can get these symptoms as they start getting older. Our hormones change constantly and thus, it can also be just plain old hormonal changes. Doctors are finding that women 35 and up (35 is rare) can be going into perimenopause, and some women can even be thrust into complete menopause if they have trauma of any sort, get the mumps, chicken pox, etc., late in life. More and more is being learned about women's hormones. Tender breasts are usually a real indication of hormonal changes or pregnancy. It can also make you tired, but then again, a thyroid that isn't working well can give you the same symptoms. I suggest you see your doctor or at least go to a clinic and tell them your symptoms. Ask if you can have a T3/T4 blood test done. This is a good test to check out your thyroid. Please don't sit around worrying about what you have. I am sure it's nothing you can't have fixed. Good luck God Bless Marcy