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Could you be pregnant if you have watery discharge and do you have discharge while pregnant?

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DischargeNo, Sounds more like a STD. You need to be chcked out asap it sounds to me like you have chalmydia or bacterial vaginosis. But I doubt you are prego I have had 6 kids and never no watery discharge I d owork for a STD clinic......
2014-04-14 17:35:15
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Do you have clear watery discharge when pregnant?

yes i had lots of those while pregnant,even from 5 weeks pregnancy so dont worry cause its ok.

Do you get watery diarrhea when you're pregnant?

Yes, You can get anything while you are pregnant that you can get while you are not pregnant. May be nothing to do with your pregnancy. Get it checked out.

Can you have a discharge when pregnant?

yes, you can get discharge while pregnant. As long as it isn't smelling than theres nothing to worry about.

Do you have increase in discharge when you're pregnant?

Yes, you have increased vaginal discharge while pregnant. If the discharge is green or dark yellow or brownish or blood tinged. Call a doctor.

Does discharge change during pregnancy?

Yes, we generally have much more discharge while we are pregnant.

Why do pregnant women have discharge?

All women have discharge pregnant or not, especially around their ovulation time. But since you are asking for a pregnant woman, ovulation will not be an issue. It just happens more frequently for some women while pregnant. It is nothing to be concerned about. Some women may notice the discharge just because they pay more attention to their bodies while pregnant then when they are not. Also, sexual arousal can cause some discharge and sometimes a woman's libido heighten (or lowers) greatly while she is pregnant. There are several reasons for vaginal discharge while pregnant, but none are to be concerned about. Read the related article below for more information.

When you are ovulating you get that white discharge so if you become pregnant while ovulating does the discharge continue for a few days or does that mean that you are not pregnant?

i think since you don't ovulate after becoming pregnant anymore then you can't be pregnant if you still have the white discharge coming out to me its just a sign that your period is on it's way!!!

What color should your discharge be if you're pregnant and should you be discharging?

none some pregnant girls have infections during pregnancy. Usually if you have discharge while pregnant you just gets loads more of it that is all.

Do women get discharge while pregnant?


You are 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant and you have a brown discharge when you wipe?

that's normal honey. It's very common to have a brown discharge while pregnant, especially early pregnancy.

Is it normal to have a thick stretchy discharge while being 8 weeks pregnant?


Pregnant discharge large blood clot with cramp pain and heavy bleadding?

It could by a miscarriage. You really need to see a doctor. answer could be a miscarriage or your having a period while pregnant which some women do Go see a doctor and find out what it is from pink princess

If you are pregnant what does it mean if you have a runny yellow discharge and pain during intercourse?

It sounds as though you have a vaginal infection. Get checked out by your doctor. Discharge does increase while pregnant, but it should not be yellow and intercourse should not be painful.

Is it normal to have light pink discharge after sex while being pregnant in your first trimester?


What will you feel if you felt inside your vagina while pregnant?

Vaginal wall, cervix, discharge. Pretty much the same as you would when you're not pregnant.

When you are pregnant do you need pads?

It depends on the woman. Many women have extra discharge while pregnant and like to use a pad or pantie liner.

Can you still get discharge while you are pregnant?

If you mena bleeing, you should not really bleed while you are pregnant. If you mean normal vaginal discharge but more that is perfectly normal. However if it is yellow/green, starts to itch or is foul smelling please see a doctor as you may have an infection.

Red Blood mixed with discharge Is this Implantation bleeding got it 9 days after period also can you still get periods while pregnant?

No,you might have had a miscarage and yes you can get your period while pregnant

Why is there a brown discharge while 6 weeks pregnant?

See your doctor ASAP for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Can you have a metallic smelling discharge n cramping while pregnant?

You should not have a metallic smelling discharge and cramping while pregnant. Mild cramping can occur during early pregnancy, as your uterus is growing and your ligaments are adjusting. However, the cramping and discharge needs to be investigated by your Doctor. This may indicate a water infection or a yeast infection. See your Doctor.

Could you be a week pregnant with a uti?

Yes, you can get pregnant while you have a UTI.

Is it normal to have light pink discharge after sex while pregnant?

While I was pregnant I asked the same thing to my doctor he said yes it's just a lot of pressure on your womb.It's perfectly fine

Is it normal to have clear sticky vaginal discharge at 1 month pregnant?

Yes, perfectly. You should be worried about blood or pinkish mucus. Yes,vaginal discharge increase while pregnant becasue of the increase in blood flow to the area.

Do you have discharge when you're pregnant?

yes you do. Yeast infections are very common during pregnancy! Consult your physician. Can prescribe rx for it!Answeryes you can discharge while you're pregnantAnswerYes, many women experience more discharge than usual during pregnancy. It's because of the hormone changes

Today you had a brown discharge from your vagina you had your periods last month on 26th Feb what does this signify?

you could be pregnant if not using protection while having sex, or your body is telling you that your period is soon to be coming.