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First off, it is a very bad idea to take 4 pills at once. If you miss 4 days, do not make up for it by taking 4 pills. You are already messing with your hormones by taking Birth Control, read the instructions. It should tell you that if you miss a dose, just continue taking 1 at a time....never more! Second, you can get pregnant. Your body needs to run a full cycle (or at least 2 weeks) on birth control before you are protected. Missing 4 days and then overdosing, doesn't protect you at all because it hasn't had a chance to take effect. Be more responsible with drugs and consider having a condom on hand just in case you miss another dose.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you missed the pill for four days and on the fourth day you took all 4 pills and had sex a few hours later?
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You missed your contraceptive pill and took it the next day and took 2 together and got the morning after pill but then had sex a few hours after you took the morning after pill could you be pregnant?


I MISSED MY Pill by 3 hours can i get pregnant?

3 hours is no big deal. The likelihood of getting pregnant is minimal. If you want to feel more comfortable, use a condom for this day. Don't get into the habit of taking the pill at random hours every day.

Could you be pregnant if your period was early and only lasted 48 hours?

yes you could be and yes you could have been

If you forgot to take your pill at its regular time but remembered to take it 8 hours later and then 4 hours after that you had sex but you used a condom could you be pregnant?

No you wont be pregnant.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you missed one pill but took it 13 hours later and had unprotected sex 5 hours after that but then took your pill normally?

Not very high. I have missed 2 birth control pills before and I had unprotected sex with my husband and I did not get pregnant. I have heard that the birth control pill will still be in your blood stream for a while even if you miss one or two pills, but I am not for sure how true that is.

If you missed 5 birth control pills and took the morning after pill and missed your period could you still get pregnant?

Yes. Plan B does not guarantee that you are not/will not get pregnant. First of all, Plan B only works if taken within 72 hours of the first time you had unprotected sex (and the sooner, the better). So if you took Plan B five days after you had unprotected sex, it will not work. Also, as mentioned before, Plan B does not guarantee that you will not become pregnant (even if taken correctly). Plan B works better the sooner you use it. If it is taken as directed within 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex, it can significantly decrease the chance that you will become pregnant. About 7 out of every 8 women who would have gotten pregnant will not become pregnant. Plan B works even better if taken within the first 24 hours after unprotected sex.

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Could you be pregnant if you were more then 12 hours taken your pill then took it for four days on time then on the forth day had unprotected sex?

Unlikely that you're pregnant

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